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Turtle Multimodality

This is my roommate’s turtle, Tipsy. He lives in a tank with pretty wallpaper, a mini waterfall, rock adornments, and a warm light to shine on him during the day. After reading Helmers, I connected the definition of multimodality to Tipsy’s surroundings even though the sound, image, and tactile sensation is essentially fake. However, his landscape is vernacular because it is an everyday style based on the need and belief of what turtles would enjoy in the wild. Tipsy sure does seem to enjoy his little home!





what an age to be alive, tipsy

Joel Skelton

I had a cat once. Her name was Tipsy because she was crosseyed. I’ve always believed in reincarnation, but this is just nuts.

Great post!


I like the use of applying multimodaility to the turtle. Honestly, just looking at the image quickly it caught my eye because I wanted to know where this turtle was. His “experience” has been transformed by his environment, lightening, and decoration.


This is an amazing photo, considering it just happened to be your roommate’s turtle. I’m a huge believe in the fact that art and other beautiful things surround us constantly but we’re blind to them until we take the time to really focus and analyze them. Great job!

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