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unexpected rainbows

“All images engage formal elements of composition…artists work with seven basic elements: color, value, line, shape, forum, texture and shape” (The Elements of Critical Viewing, 34). The Elements of Design within this photograph that make it unique are the multitude of colours that are seen in this photo which vary in hue, tint and intensity. I took this photo while trying to escape the rain this weekend in a parking lot and witnessed the unexpected rainbow. The black top served as a canvas back drop to an impromptu oil painting by a car or truck that was leaking fuel. The mixtures of colours on the pavement with a yellow line include literal elements in a visual context. The photo proves that nature’s visuals are often the most difficult to replicate due to its elements of spontaneity. What other visuals have you seen in nature that have caught your eye?




Nature is often, perhaps always, much, much better at providing and exemplifying beauty than we are.

I like the idea of asking a question at the end of your post, by the way!


I see this all the time, and every time I catch myself staring at how pretty it is. I look for all the twists and turns in the different colors, where it started and where its headed. I think this is a great picture of an unexpected piece of art work!

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