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Unnatural Flesh Tones

To the naked eye it may seem as though the colours of my legs are similar in shade, however the two skin tones differ slightly from one another in natural light. Often times I have a collection of unnatural looking stockings that give my legs a contrasting colour as compared to my arms and face. For as long as I can remember, purchasing nude colour or ‘flesh’ colour stockings has presented itself as one of the most difficult challenges in fashion accessories throughout my lifetime. The frustration of purchasing tights and realizing that the colour is dissimilar than your natural skin tone right before work is a nightmare that most women of colour have experienced. As Roth mentions in her article pertaining to crayola crayons, “Flesh was formulated to depict a Caucasian skin tone in a time when that was considered correct as a way to answer a specific need for colouring with a wax crayon (pg. 5).” In past years, manufacturers failed to realize that African-American and Hispanic women range in various hues that cannot be narrowed down to one stocking colour. Due to the changing of the times and consumer suggestions, companies have realized that there is a demand for hosiery in varying colours to reflect the different shades of the multicultural population. Personally, I am less likely to purchase nude stockings ever since the trend for opaque tights became widely distributed. Because of the thicker tights, the stockings have a higher density of colour which makes it not only ideal for wearing them during the cooler months but also ideal for women who don’t have to shop in specific stores which carry hosiery that matches a women’s skin tone.





I always stay away from nude tights just because I don’t think they look good. They are always to light or to dark for my skin tone. So I still have trouble finding the right colored nude tights and I am Caucasian.


I love your tan! I agree with Katy I dont like nude tights because they dont look natural


Just to add a guys perspective to this I also think nude colored anything is extremely awkward looking because it never matches anyone exactly.


Tan tights can be a bit tricky, but then again there’s a lot of designers now who are making ethnic tights that are nude that match everyone’s different skin tones. Their “nude” is different to other nudes, so there’s more choice out there nowadays :)

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