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Viewing things differently


The image I took this week reflects two of Helmers key points, different angles/vantage points and also the initial response we have when seeing something.

Seeing things from a different angle, or vantage point can really change your perspective on what it is you are looking at.  I found this out when viewing the Eastview Mall from a higher angle. My initial reaction when someone says the word “mall” is busy shoppers, clothes and money. Not once do I think of the building, or the architect, or any design element of the building whatsoever. After looking at the mall from a different angle my initial reaction was completely different.  I was seeing this building that was extremely large, and with vibrant colors, and lots of accent features that I never have really thought about.

It was really surprising to me that after seeing the mall from a different angle, my reaction was so different, especially because I have seen that mall so many times before.




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