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Water Isn’t Forever

This week I was caught by the Sustainability and Graphic Design reading, specially the part that talked about water becoming the next oil. This is a fact the people usually ignore. The past few years I’ve become addicted to saving water. This is something we use daily and usually waste a lot of it just because we’re lazy. Water is one of the most important natural resources we have, if not the most. We don’t tend to appreciate it and we generally don’t recognize its value. This is why I decided to create this design. Is simple and it says it clear, “Water Isn’t Forever”, even though is something we DO need forever. That’s why we need to stop wasting water, because if we don’t we may end up regretting it on the near future.




I agree with you Sandy, water is something that most people take advantage of. I really like this poster, it really gives people the message that they need to start saving it and those statistics will really make people think.


This is a great design Sandy! It does a great job of communicating your message. I definitely agree that the importance and value of clean water is something that is often neglected.


Is it too late to rip this off for our campaign…cool design


Wait, you created this? Holy moly. That is one eye-popping design!

I’d agree that with the introduction of bottled water, water has become undervalued. With the increase in the world’s population, who knows at which point we will reach the point where there isn’t enough resources to purify enough water.


Sandy I think this is a wonderful design!! What really stuck with me is the caption “water isn’t forever” because it made me think, which is exactly part of what a designers role is. Making your audience stop to think about their actions (let alone changing them) is extremely difficult. Haha Bryan I agree we need to steal this for our campaign!

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