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looking past the flowers

A student photographs flowers in a planter in Infinity Quad during the first week of classes at RIT, September 6, 2012. photo by Jonathan Foster

In the era of the digital photograph, our vernacular feels slow to evolve. So many people show just the flower, but, that tells me nothing about what it is like to be a flower, what flowers mean to that person, or even what a flower is. Cliches limit visual language unless they show something about the photographer, the subject, or even the viewer. How you see is a reflection of how you think. Do you see the flower?




This is a great picture. At first glance, I thought that this was going to be about your opinion of the flowers, but I was excited to see that your description went far deeper than than that. Based on your caption, this photograph seems to be a great representation of you as a photographer.


This is a great photo! Yes, a close-up shot of a beautiful flower would have been wonderful to look at. However, sometimes I would like to know who photographed the flower and where it was photographed, etc. It’s always nice to see it from a different perspective, and this leaves something to the imagination.



what would you rather surround yourself with, pictures of pretty flowers, or dynamic wild creations that are/were alive? A picture is merely a picture. And a picture of a flower, at least to me, is far more boring than the real thing, especially some hybridized Old World exotic. I apologize for being kurt, but taken in context their only purpose as far as I am concerned is to give rise to this conversation. That is not to say, don’t take that picture, but understand it in context.

You may find this interesting.


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