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In “Sustainability and Graphic Design,” Hamlett says, “sustainability represents a different way of conducting business.” It should come as no shocker that Wegmans is participating in this approach. It is a little hard to read but this plastic Wegmans bag says “Every Step Counts, This bag is made from 40% recycled material. We want your bags back! 1. You take it- back to the store 2. You drop it- in the recycling bin 3. We make it- into more bags. Sustainability at Wegmans Today, Tomorrow, Together. “ I didn’t even realize what this bag had actually said and I don’t think a more perfect sustainability slogan could have been created.




Larissa-Its interesting that you pointed out this message on the plastic Wegman’s bag. To be honest, I never even bothered to read what was on the bag until you pointed it out. Though the message is great, we are so used to nothing important being placed on plastic bags…some food for thought I suppose would be…why do we notice the message on the colorful reusable bags depicted in Scott’s photo and we are not as likely to notice a message even more pertinent to sustainability on the plastic bag. Is it the design on the bag? Are we too used to chucking the plastic bags? Is it just me?? I’m just wondering =)


This is so interesting! As I said in my post the graphic design plays an important role in any sustainability campaign. Also, it is important that they understand the meanings and issues behind the sustainability word before anything.


I also thought about Wegmans when I read Widger’s article. This store really knows how to use graphic design when it comes to sustainability. This specific message in the bag attempts to create a social obligation in the reader.


I also thought about Wegmans when I read Hamlet’s article. This store really knows how to use graphic design when it comes to sustainability. Sustainability design is a big challenge and it’s very important to create a message that captures and involves the public.


Coming from an area in western PA that didn’t offer this, I’ve always been intrigued by wegmans. It’s nice that they’ve noticed not everyone is going to use reusable bags that stores sell, so they’re combating the issue in their own way. Personally, I rarely use my reusable bags (usually just for the farmers market) but when I found out I could return plastic bags to wegmans as noted above, I started bringing mine (and my roommates’s) monthly! :)


I actually had no idea Wegmans did this. Now that I know I will definitely be returning my bags. I agree to that the slogan is pretty simple yet convincing because it seems like the bag conveys there mission very casually.

Scott Howard

This is interesting and comparable to my illustration for the week, reusable Wegmans shopping bags. It is nice to see the different approaches that Wegmans is taking. One bag option completely eliminates the use of plastic bags. With this option, the bags are plastic, but partly made from recycled bags.

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