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What do you see?

This is a picture I took of part of the wall of my room – as an Advertising & Public Relations major, I really love cool print ads that I see. Upon taking this shot, and even when I look at my wall, my eye goes first to the Coke can image. Maybe its just me, and this picture doesn’t do the brightness of the can justice. Regardless, I think the logo really stands out, which applies to the optional Cowin & Matusitz reading. I absolutely think the Coca-Cola logo is a successful logo based upon the article’s three pieces of criteria: it is recognizable (even, for me, standing out beyond other ads/logos), it brings forth a consensually-held meaning (although this example is on the can itself, one knows upon seeing solely the logo that Coca-Cola is a soft drink), and it induces positive affect. When I see the can, I think of old successful Coke campaigns (polar bears, Santa, etc.) and the positive, feel-good messages those ads convey (their slogan appropriately phrasing it “Open Happiness”). Consequently, the can/logo itself is a shortcut to those messages. I’m curious to hear if its only my interpretation/noticing of the can first, be sure to let me know!!





I also have that Rolling Stone issue haha

Erin Hutson

Nice!! I have a subscription; Radiohead is one of my favorite bands and I really love that cover. I also have a Springsteen cover up on my wall, and I’m planning to add more ones that I deem awesome!

Joel Skelton

This is very interesting. Once you mentioned the Coke, my eyes darted around, trying to find it. My computer is on dim, so I can’t see that well (but I found it!). I tried again, trying to ignore your Coke analysis, but I couldn’t. I kept going for the Coke, unable to create my own perception of what I’m seeing. Thanks a lot, jerk.

Erin Hutson

Yeah, I wish I could’ve gotten a better quality picture. It’s like the whole Leo Tolstoy ultimate challenge thing: his goal was to be able to consciously NOT think about a polar bear, but he said he could never accomplish that task!


I had the same reaction to the Coke can as you did. Coca-Cola definitely knows how to make their advertisements “pop!” Out of all the images within your picture the Coke ad is the least complicated, yet it’s the most recognizable. Very interesting!


Another reason the Coke ad stuck out to me is the choice to have it on a white background. It totally makes the can pop out, whereas some of the other ads on your wall blend together when you look at them like this. It’s less cluttered and draws your eye right to the logo.

Francisco Guillén

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