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Where Death is Okay?

I chose to take the movie route on this again. In the reading talking about death and journalism, this lady focuses on near death photos. Although in part of the reading it states that sometimes we never see these photos because of what they are showing. However, we see death everywhere we look. We read about it, either in news stories or books, we hear about it on the radio, and we watch gruesome movies all the time, where people die and or are killed. But I think near death, and especially when it is a photo touches us in a way that all of these other medias do not. We are seeing this person, or people possibly the last moment that they were living, for example, the man jumping from the world trade centers, and it makes us stop, and think, and feel for that person. I dont think there’s anything wrong with showing near death photos. I think they make us feel and think twice, and they should be in the news when they can be.




I agree with you! Looking at those pictures of dead people in the news or even in magazines is important because we can see what is happening around us and we can understand how reality looks like.


I like your perspective! Society has become so desensitized to death, near death, and gore from movies like the ones in your picture. Near-death images in the media still resonate, however. We know that they are real people, and those are real tragedies occurring. It helps us connect to the fragility of life; it is important, despite the sadness, to be reminded of this.


When I read that article I couldn’t believe how long ago I saw the images and actual live footage of the individuals falling and jumping to their death on 9-11. It was certainly an eye opener witnessing the tragedy. I would say that the actually depiction of the death was more impactful because an individual as myself could bring a level of empathy to the situation rather than witnessing a dead body and blocking the image out of your head.


I also think that pictures of death should be shown in the news, we are fully capable of witnessing death in television shows and movies, and they are usually more brutal and gruesome.


I agree with you. Yes, it’s disturbing to see these near death images but they make you slow down to stop and realize what is going on in the world around us. Maybe those images inspire someone to start a movement to stop these tragic events.


I have heard the argument, and I agree with it, that had we seen more near-death images, we may not have gone to war so readily. I am not squeamish when it comes to photographs of death, and I think too, it is important to see them in an effort to understand the present.

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