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Who is that?

“Every time we look at images……….we immediately have a reaction. The image either compels us to examine it closer or to look away. Sometimes it is the subject of the image that draws us in.”

In the Helmer’s article we learned about initial reactions of an image. For the image I’ve posted, at first glance, this picture looks like a person sitting on a couch. For some, they will react to the image as a boring subject and look away but for others they will be drawn in to find out that it is in fact not a person but a scarecrow type figure with a plastic bag for a head. Those who are interested in the image might look closely to figure out how he was made, or what’s surrounding him, etc…

On the physical/ tangible side of things; my roommates and I made this scarecrow-type-figure as a prank on each other. My roommate (the one being pranked) had an initial reaction of, “Oh my god, I don’t know if this funny or just plain creepy.” Subjects like our scarecrow Joseph get very interesting initial reactions and afterwards people ask so that the image is put into context for them to completely understand why we silly girls have a scarecrow in our living room.



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