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Yogi & Rubberplant

This is a photo from the “60 from the 60s” exhibit at the George Eastman House. It illustrates a point that is made in the Sturken & Carwright reading. The reading states, “the notion of photographic truth hinges on the idea that the camera is an objective device for the capturing of reality, and that it renders this objectivity despite the subjective vision of the person using the camera.” This photo illustrates the idea that the photo is exactly as the camera captured it, however the photographer clearly had his/her own intentions when framing the photo. It also, makes the viewer wonder if the photographer purposely staged the person and the plant in this way to create a comparison/relationship between the two. Or were the two subjects of this photo naturally positioned next to each other without any outside direction. Either way, the camera is still objectively capturing what was in its field of view.




After reading your description of the connection between the photo and the Sturken and Cartwright reading, I began to wonder what isn’t shown to us in this scene. The photographer captured this frame for a particular reason but the photographer also intentionally left out some elements. We will probably never know what was behind the photographer, to the right of Yogi, or to the left of the rubber plant. I feel that this exclusion of information can be just as important as what had been captured in the photograph.

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This post was very thought provoking. Was it staged? Was it naturally occurring? Is there ever a time when it is unethical to leave out the other elements that might be going on at the same time? Is it ever a bad thing to not give the viewer some context? …Just some random questions that came to mind. On a totally different note, for some reason this picture made me think of the Beatles. Why?–I have no idea.

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