400 Level Courses

ANTH-425 Global Sexualities

This course explores issues of gender and sexuality in a global context. Students will be introduced to anthropological perspectives on the experience of men and women, as gendered subjects, in different societies and historical contexts such as colonialism, nationalism, and global capitalism. In turn, we will explore how cultural constructions of masculinity and femininity are configured by race, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Course materials are drawn from an array of sources, reflecting various theoretical perspectives and ethnographic views from different parts of the world. Counts toward the major in international and global studies and the major in anthropology and sociology. (INGS-101 Global Studies or ANTH-102 Cultural Anthropology or permission of instructor) Class 3, Credit 3 (Fall or Spring)

WGST-414 Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies (co-listed with ENGL 414)

This course will explore a key theme or critical question in Women's and Gender Studies as an introduction and line of inquiry into how and why women's and gender studies matter in the contemporary world and in our individual lives. Drawing from and reflecting on approaches to women's and gender studies from a variety of disciplines and cultures, we will use these theoretical lenses to read social, cultural, and artistic texts and cultural practices in a new light. How has women's and gender studies and the creative, activist and academic practices theorized in this multidisciplinary, global space, challenged gendered and racialized power structures in the past, in the present, and how might it transform its methods to confront current challenges? (3 credits) (Co-listed with ENGL-414 )

WGST-451 Economics of Women and the Family (co-listed with ECON 451)

This course applies economic theory to explain choices faced and selected by women concerning marriage, fertility and labor market participation, alongside government policies targeting those decisions.  Empirical research will be presented that describes the changing demographic profile of families, poverty and the labor force.  Students in this course will gain experience evaluating how economic theory and practice fits into the larger social science's goal of describing human behavior by focusing on women and the family.  (ECON-101 Principles of Microeconomics or equivalent)  Class 3, Credit 3 

WGST-481 Women in Politics (co-listed with POLS 481)

A study of feminist thought as it applies to the political, economic and social status of women and how it has been expressed through the women's political movement. Students study a number of public policies as they apply to and affect women and examine the opportunities for women to participate in the political process. (POLS-110 American Politics, POLS-120 Intro to International Relations or equivalent) Class 3, Credit 3 (Spring)