Teaching Faculty

Dr. Sara Armengot.  Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages 
Office:    Bldg. 01-3179

WGS course:    Women in the Hispanic World
Interests:    Comparative literature, Latin American and Carribean studies, Inter-American literature and film, Women's and Gender Studies

Dr. Deborah Blizzard.  Associate Professor, Science, Technology, Society/Public Policy 
Office:    Bldg. 01-3254

WGS course:    Gender Science and Technology
Interests:    Socio-cultural examination of fetoscopy (in utero fetal surgery); Cultures of magic critical pedagogy; Classroom access to knowledge across cultures

Dr. Evelyn Brister.  Assistant Professor, Philosophy 
Office:    Bldg. 17-2541

WGS course:    Feminist Theory
Interests:    Philosophy of Science (The role of values in science); Environmental Philosophy; Social Epistemology; Feminist Epistemology; Gendered practices of knowledge production

Dr. Jeffrey Burnette.  Lecturer, Economics 
Faculty Associate, Future Stewards Program
Office:    Bldg. 06-A317

WGS course:    Economic Role of Women
Interests:    Differences in wages and returns from human capital investment. Incorporating and adjusting for business cycle effects in time-series macroeconomic data.

Dr. Kijana Crawford.  Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology 
Office:    Bldg. 01-3163

WGS course:    Women, Work and Culture
Interests:    Mentoring in Career Choice and Development, Minority Relations

Dr. Vincent F. A. Golphin.  Assistant Professor, English 
Office:    Bldg. 06-1315

WGS course:    Feminist Theory
Interests:    African American and diaspora studies, creative writing (fiction, nonfiction and poetry)

Christopher H. Hinesley.  Adjunct, Women’s and Gender Studies 

WGS courses:    Introduction to GLBT Studies; Queering Gender
Interests:    Transfomational Leadership, Cultural Studies, Queer Theory and GLBT Studies, Social Change, Critical Race Theory

Dr. Christine Keiner.  Associate Professor, Science, Technology and Society/Public Policy 
Office:    Bldg. 01-3248

WGS course:    History of Women in Science in Engineering
Interests:    History of Ecology and Biology, History of Cold War Science and Technology, U.S. Environmental Politics, and Relations between Science and Politics (especially regarding the Chesapeake Bay).

Dr. Tina Olsin Lent.  Professor, Fine Arts 
Director, Women’s and Gender Studies
Office:    Bldg. 06-3303

WGS courses:    Women and the Visual Arts; Foundations of Women’s and Gender Studies
Interests:    The American Romantic Comedy Film Genre; Women Artists in Fiction Film

Dr. Uli Linke.  Professor, Anthropology 
Office:    Bldg. 01-3189

WGS course:    Women in Literature; Womens Studies in Language and Literature
Interests:    Political Anthropology of the body; visual culture, violence and genocide; the politics of memory and suffering.

Mary Mapes.  Adjunct, History 

WGS courses:    Domestic Violence; Women and Crime
Interests:    American Social Welfare History; History of Widowhood

Dr. Cynthia Perez McCluskey.  Visiting Associate Professor, Criminal Justice 
Office:    Bldg. 01-2164

WGS courses:    Domestic Violence; Women and crime
Interests:    Race/Ethnicity and Crime; Gender and Crime; Developmental Criminology

Dr. LaVerne McQuiller WIlliams.  Associate Professor, Criminal Justice 
Office:    Bldg. 01-2178

WGS courses:    Domestic Violence; Women and crime; Prostitution and violence
Interests:    Dating Violence; Ecology and Crime; Women and Gender Issues; Law and Society

Dr. Martha E. Morgan.  Assistant Professor, Material Culture Sciences and Sociology and Anthropology 
Office:    Bldg. 01-3177

WGS course:    Islamic Culture and the Middle East
Interests:    Feminist pedagogy, Rhetorical Theory, Women and Political Rhetoric, Literacy and Social Change

Dr. Judy Porter.  Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice 
Office:    Bldg. 01-2174

WGS courses:    Seminar in Sexual violence; Seminar in Domestic Violence
Interests:    Violence; Corrections; Community

Dr. Cyril Reade.  Associate Professor, Fine Arts and Cultural Resource Studies 
Office:    Bldg. 06-1106

WGS courses:    Queer Looks I: Pre-Stonewall; Queer Looks II: Post-Stonewall
Interests:    German-Jewish studies; Queer studies; Contemporary Art

Dr. Laura Shackelford.  Assistant Professor, English 
Office:    Bldg. 06-2116

WGS course:    Women’s Studies in Language and Literature
Interests:    Multicultural American Literature; Science Fiction; Digital Cultures; Narrative Theory

Dr. Elena Sommers.  Lecturer, English 
Office:    Bldg. 06-1317

WGS courses:    Women in Literature; Women’s Studies in Language and Literature
Interests:    Russian Literature, Culture and Film; Nabakov Studies

Associated Faculty and Staff

Dr. Silvia Benso.
Professor, Philosophy 

Dr. Elisabetta D’Amanda.
Lecturer, Foreign Languages-Italian 

Dr. Lisa Hermsen.
Associate Professor, English 

Donna Rubin.
Director RIT Women’s Center 

Dr. Katie Terezakis.
Assistant Professor, Philosophy 

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