The WGS minor requires five upper-level courses: the foundation course and four electives chosen from the list below (notice that some courses may be cross-listed in other departments and colleges in the Institute, and may have pre-requisites). Only one course from the affiliated list can be used for credit toward the WGS minor.

The WGS concentration requires any three courses from the list below. However, no affiliated WGS course may be taken as credit toward the concentration (notice that some courses may be cross-listed in other departments and colleges in the Institute, and may have pre-requisites).

Students interested in the WGS minor should obtain a Minor Authorization Form from the Student Services Office (located on the second floor of the College of Liberal Arts building) and have it signed by the Minors’ Advisor, Dr. Tina Lent (office # 06-3303, email address: tnlgsh@rit.edu).

For a detailed description of the courses below, go to: http://www.rit.edu/cla/womensstudies/courses.html



Required course: (required only for minors; may be chosen as an elective by the concentrators)

WGS 0522-400 Foundations of Women’s and Gender Studies




WGS 0522-401 American Women I: Colonies to Seneca Falls (w/History 0507-401)

WGS 0522-402 American Women II: Seneca Falls to NOW (w/History 0507-402)

WGS 0522-405 Women and Science

WGS 0522-406 Feminist Theory (w/Philosophy 0509-454)

WGS 0522-407 Seminar on Sexual Violence (w/Criminal Justice 0501-450)

WGS 0522-410 Introduction to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

WGS 0522-415 Domestic Violence (w/Criminal Justice 0501-415)

WGS 0522-436 Women’s Stories, Women’s Films (w/CIAS 2065-553 and Fine Arts 0505-439)

WGS 0522-439 Queer Looks I

WGS 0522-446 Women and Crime (w/Criminal Justice 0501-446)

WGS 0522-447 Women, Work and Culture (w/Sociology 0515-447)

WGS 0522-449 History of Women in Science and Engineering (w/STS 0508-449)

WGS 0522-450 Gender, Science and Technology (w/STS 0508-452)

WGS 0522- 451 Global Sexualities (w/Anthropology 0510-451)

WGS 0522-452 Gender and Sexuality

WGS 0522-453 Economic Role of Women (w/Economics 0511-480)

WGS 0522-459 Toni Morrison (w/Literature 0504-459)

WGS 0522-460 Special Topics: Traumatic Images

WGS 0522-460 Special Topics: Queer Looks II

WGS 0522-460 Special Topics: Art of Dying

WGS 0522-460 Special Topics: Contemporary Women’s History

WGS 0522-460 Special Topics: Prostitution and Vice

WGS 0522-460 Special Topics: Queering Gender

WGS 0522-480 Women and the Visual Arts (w/Fine Arts 0505-480)

WGS 0522-481 Women in Literature (w/Literature 0504-480)

WGS 0522 Women in Politics (w/Political Science 0513-481)

WGS 0522-483 Psychology of Gender (w/Psychology 0514-480)

WGS 0522-484 Auto/Biography (w/Literature 0504-490)

Foreign Languages 0525-543 Women in the Hispanic World: Politics of Identity Formation



Affiliated Electives (only one course may be chosen from this list): 

Fine Arts 0505-446 American Film in the Studio Era

Literature 0504-455 Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories

Literature 0504-467 Black Writers Today



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