The Executive Board, elected democratically by the members of the team, oversees all administrative and design decisions made by RIT Baja SAE. Comprised of four veteran members of the team, the Executive Board sets the tone for the year and ensures that the team functions smoothly. The Executive Board consists of the Team Manager, Project Manager, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Chris Mehalakes

Team Manager

Justin Neves

Project Manager

Adam Seidman


Colton Johnson



The design team leaders are the individuals responsible for designing a fully functional and successful vehicle. Each design lead is responsible for a subsystem of the vehicle, including its overall design, integration, manufacture, and implementation. Appointed and led by the project manager, the design team works together toward completion of the car, starting from the design phase and culminating in a winning racecar.

Ethan Yaro

Chief Engineer

Asif Habib

Suspension Lead

Ethan Spence

Driveline Lead

Susan Lane

Reduction Lead

Ethan Spence

Outboard Lead

Justin Woods

Brakes Lead

Anna Gallo

Electrical Lead

Caitlin Barron

Software Lead

Julia Nelson


Ellory Lane

Research and Developement

Dana Eschler

Frame Lead


The manufacturing team leaders and create and maintain the CNC manufacturing schedules and oversee the fabrication of all the vehicle systems. They operate the CNC mill and lathe, and give instruction on the use of the manual machines, ensuring quality custom components. The manufacturing team is composed of the manufacturing lead, automated CNC mill and lathe leads, and manual mill and lathe leads.

Bennett Wong

Manufacturing Lead/CNC Lathe

Erica Neese

Composites Lead

David Jones

CNC Mill


Ellory Lane

Chris Mehalakes

Forrest Sheard