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Tiger Media is an entertainment-focused club that consists of three departments: Tiger Media, Tiger's Next Top Model, and The Roar Times. Students in Tiger Media produce their own media content and distributes them through various media avenues, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

We have three different branches in TigerMedia!

"Tiger Media's (TM) media department is all about anything media related. TM incorporates many different fields involving broadcast, digital, advertising, multimedia, new media, etc. These media fields involve film, photography, acting, editing, digital design, and special effects (f/x). We also assist other clubs and organizations in their public relations efforts by providing training in editing and video-making skills."

Tiger's Next Top Model

"Information will be coming soon!"

The Roar Times

"The Roar Times is an online publication that provides various news, short stories and engaging viewpoints that features the community at National Institute for the Deaf/Rochester Institute of Technology. Our outstanding committee is operated by students, faculty and staff within the community on the constant lookout for new opportunities to promote the community spirit."

Latest Media
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Executive Board
Welcome to our 2014-2015 Eboard members!
Keith Delk

"Keith Banks Delk, Director of Tiger Media. 5th year student/3rd year in New Media Design. From Beach Park, Illinois, a quaint town off the shore of Lake Michigan. Loves beer and anything media related. Wants to touch all continental states before turning 30. I direct Tiger Media because I believe media is an essential part of our Deaf culture and needs to be promoted in our community."

Keith Banks
Vice President

"My name is Keith Banks Jr, 4th year student majoring in International Hospitality & Service Mg. I'm currently the Editor-In-Chief for Tiger Media. Part of my responsibility is for the overall quality & content of the The Roar Times magazine. I loved working for Tiger Media because of the team I worked with & cool, creative video projects & events that we will be doing for the community."

Marissa DiDonna
Director of Creativity

"People like to label me as the weird girl. And I'm okay with that. I like to be adventurous and wild when I can! I am a nutella freak. I am thrilled to expose different ideas with TM, and give you the entertainment that you all deserve to have."

"6 words for you: Simply, be free like the wind."

Peter Young
Director of Photography

"Hello everyone! My name is Peter Yeung and I am 4th year student majoring in Information Technology with concentration in Chinese. I am the Director of Photography for Tiger Media. I am responsible for taking photos for events and editing photos to make them look very AWESOME!"

Tara Beltrami
Photography Assistant

"Hello everyone, my name is Tara Beltrami, or you can call me Weirdo. My nickname is weirdo because it is my personality that expresses weird styles that no normal girl does. I am a second year student at RIT/NTID and I am majoring in Art and Imaging Studies, focusing on photography. My position for Tiger Media is Photography Assistant. I am assisting Peter Yeung, which is the Director of Photography. I love photography and longboarding. The camera is my baby and a best friend of mine. And if you need me to take photos, I am willing to do it no matter what. Don't worry, I won't bite."

Adam Brodack
Web Developer

"Whazzup everyone? I'm Adam Brodack and I'm the webmaster for TigerMedia club! I am studying in Applied Computer Technology. I plan to go into Computer Security major area (hopefully). My responsibility is to make sure the website works beautifully and look mind blowing. I also manage the member registration/mass email system as well."

Ethan Young
Executive Assistant

"Hey there! I'm the Executive Assistant of Tiger Media! I applied to this position to be part of this exciting club and learn the creativity culture while doing it!"

Breana Chandler
Producer of Tiger's Next Top Model

"4th Year CMS student focusing on Communication, Business, and 2nd year Resident Advisor. I'm from DC Metro region"

Bryan Ward
Outreach Coordinator

"Hi! My name is Bryan Ward and I am Outreach Coordinator for Tiger Media. My major responsibilities are events, marketing, and branding. I am here at RIT for six years but it is my first year as a graduate student at Human Resources Development. I love to going off campus with friends and cooking (many people are crazy of my lime chicken and cookies). One of weird facts about myself is I love hashtags - maybe you can see my hashtags in my Facebook or Instagram."

Sammi Shupe
Alumni Creativity Advisor

"Hi Ya'll! My name is Sammi Shupe and I am the Alumni Advisor for both Tiger Media and Tiger's Next Top Model. I joined Tiger Media as the Producer for Tiger's Next Top Model in 2012 which inspired me to stay another year as an Executive Assistant and Director of Creativity in 2013! I graduated in 2014 with a BFA in Graphic Design and got my dream job as a designer in NJ/NYC. Unfortunately my heart still belongs to the home of the Tiger and decided to come back with a job at a medicine company in Pittsford! I like cats, bacon, and long walk on the beach!"

Rogan Shannon
Student Advisor

"A fourth year majoring in Leadership, I've been involved in Tiger Media ever since I was a newbie at RIT. I started with going to the general meetings, then rose through the ranks being vice president, then president, and am now student advisor for the second time. I've been involved all these years because it's one of my passions: filming, creating videos, seeing others grow and learn in all areas, not just media."

Jesse Barkey
Alumni Technical Advisor

"Hello everyone! My name is Jesse Barkey and I graduated from RIT on May 2012 with Assoicated in Applied Science with Information Computing and Studies. I am Alumni Technical Advisor for Tiger Media. I am very exciting to see Tiger Media keep grow stronger!"

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