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RIT Saunders College of Business
October 18, 2013
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Keynote Speaker

Scott Wilson

Founder and principal designer of MINIMAL

Hosted By: Saunders College of Business
Saunders College of Business

Sponsored By: Toshiba Business Solutions

Panel Sessions

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions exploring different aspects of the entrepreneurial journey. The sessions are composed of prominent entrepreneurs and business leaders, and top notch academics. Each discussion will be followed by a Q&A session to give you the opportunity to find answers to your entrepreneurial questions.


Session 1 8:45AM

  • Top 10: Starting a Business
    Experienced entrepreneurs share the key drivers that led to their survival and success: How did they identify their idea, build their team, find the resources, etc. (note: the session is not about legal forms of incorporation. See the IP and Patent session)
  • Social Entrepreneurship
    Social Entrepreneurs identify and solve social problems on a large scale by driving social innovation and transformation, primarily seeking to generate “social value” rather than profits. Whether you are seeking to set up a non-profit or for-profit organization, come hear the ins and outs of how to make it happen.
  • The RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction & Creativity (MAGIC)
    Last February RIT established the new RIT MAGIC Center, which has both entrepreneurship and innovation components, as well as a sharply focused mission regarding digital media of all varieties.  This session is an opportunity to learn more about the new Center, its mission, its goals, and most importantly the ways in which it is transforming the campus and providing unique opportunities to faculty, staff, students and partners alike. 

Session 2 10:15AM

  • Top 10: Funding
    So, you think you have a great idea. Now you need to convince investors. Hear from an angel investor, venture capitalist and a banks to find out how.
  • Social Media Presentation
    Your company has Facebook and a Twitter account. Good, now what? This session will reveal the power of social media as a marketing tool.
  • Urban Entrepreneurship
    What exactly is "urban entrepreneurship" and why should you care about it? Learn about RIT's new Center for Urban Entrepreneurship, hear from successful urban entrepreneurs, and find out about funding resources dedicated to urban entrepreneurs
  • Birth of a Business
    The Birth of a Business explores initial tasks, plans and preparation prior to opening a business, methods for dealing with customers and maintaining ongoing sustainability.

Session 3 2:30PM

  • Top 10: Marketing
    Your product won't sell itself. Learn how to identify and attract customers.
  • IP and Patents
    Legal issues are paramount to the entpreneur. This session provides insight into two central issues: IP protection and patent.
  • Starting a business in Software and IT Fields

  • Industrial Design