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Advising Committee

The committee, led by the Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education is comprised of advisors from each of RIT’s colleges, as well as representation from the Institute Advising Office, University Studies and the NorthStar Center. Members will work collaboratively and quickly to resolve issue. The term is this committee will be for the duration of the semester conversion implementation project.

Oversight will be provided by the Committee Chair and by the Semester Conversion Steering Committee. The committee Chair is also a member of the Semester Conversion Steering Committee.

Alignment with the work of the Curriculum Conversion Process Committee, the Scheduling Subcommittee, the Cross Disciplinary Committee and the Co-op/internship committee is imperative. Recommendations that stem from this group will also be critical to their work.


  • Dick Doolittle, Asst. Provost Undergrad Ed.
  • Lynne Mazadoorian
    Institute Advising Office
  • Debbie Kingsbury
    Assistant Dean CIAS
  • Dan Stafford
    Assistant Dean GCCIS
  • Marty Burris
    University Studies
  • Sean Bennett
    Asst Dean for UG Acad Affairs CAST
  • Robb Adams
    Interim Assoc Dean NTID
  • Peggy Tirrell
    Sr Assoc Dir Graduate Programs SCB
  • Linda Tolan
    Senior Associate Dean CAST
  • John Smithgall
    Assistant Dean COLA
  • Catherine Mahrt-Washington
    Assistant Dean COS
  • Karen Hirst
    Assistant Dean KGCOE
  • Michelle Firnstein
    Academic Advisor, CMS
  • Lindsay McGrath
    Manager for Global Initiatives