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Teaching Load

We will adopt a 5x3 dominant mode for course structure and scheduling. This means that most courses will be 3 credit hours.

We expect that after conversion, most tenured and tenure-track faculty will see a reduction in the number of courses they teach in a given year. To realize this reduction, however, it will be necessary for the faculty to redesign the programs so that the curriculum can be taught within the current staffing levels. In general:

  • Tenured or tenure-track faculty will typically teach 4-7 courses a year, but there will be exceptions.
  • Lecturers will typically teach 8-10 courses a year, depending on service assignments within the department.

For example, we recently announced that tenure-track faculty members at RIT are teaching, on average, 24 quarter credit hours or approximately 6 courses in the quarter system annually. Under a semester system, assuming the curriculum is thoughtfully designed, tenure-track faculty members would teach 16 semester credit hours or approximately five 3-credit hour classes over the course of the academic year. It remains our objective to balance loads with our expectations on scholarship appropriately; we feel that this conversion will assist in this effort.