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DVD Distinguished Speaker Series
Videos now available online. Click on the title to view the video.
Website Video
Gabrielle Long The Art and Science of X-Ray Imaging
Carol Christian Public Impact of Scientific Images
Fred K.Y. Lo The Invisible Universe
Charles Lin A new scanning laser system for treating retinal disorders
Hazel Barton From Cave Dwellers to Astrobiology: How Life Underground Can Point to Life in the Stars 
Austen Angel The Weirdness of Liquid Water below 0ºC. What is going on?
Norm Neureiter Science and Technology in U.S. Foreign Policy
Maureen Raymo The Causes of Ice Ages in Earth's History
Luc Bernard & Richard Palais Artistic Representation of Mathematical Concepts & Ideas: A New Field in Search of a Name
Carl Hane Forecasting the Weather – from Thunderstorms to Climate: Observations and Computer Models
Katie Hunt President of the American Chemical Society
Mark Bowen Thin Ice: Climate Change from the Mountain to the Sea
Mark Newman The Internet, Epidemics & Kevin Bacon: The Science of Networks
Darcy Kelley What makes Xenopus tick? Underwater songs of African clawed frogs
Ines Cifuentes Teaching Science in the 21st Century
Nadrian Seeman DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life: Structural DNA Nanotechnology
Ronald Mallett Science of Time Travel: Possibility and Promise
Dickson Despommier The City as Ecosystem

Matthew Schneps

The Power and Pitfalls of Visual Thinking
Donald W. Pfaff The Brain’s Control of Behavior 
Mario Livio Is God a Mathematician?
Robert Rose Development of an effective, licensed vaccine for cervical cancer… the rest of the story….
Stephen Dewhurst Novel Approaches to the Prevention of HIV-1 Transmission
Irwin Shapiro Defending Planet Earth from Impacts by Asteroids
Rebecca Skloot The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Wouter van Hoven Some challenges to wildlife in Africa today

DVD available for loan. Please contact  Susan J Tontarski    475-5772     Brown Hall 86-1133