Alla Bailey

Senior Lecturer

Contact Information

OfficeGOS 3260
Phone(585) 475-6831

M.S., 1971, Chemical Technological University by Mendeleev (Moscow, Russia)

Ph.D., 1979, Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Science (Moscow, Russia)

D.Sci., 1991, Lebedev Institute of Synthetic Rubber (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Research Interests

  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Surface Modification of Materials
  • Material Science

Selected Publications

Select Publications

Dmitrenko A.V.(Bailey), “Multi-steps Syntheses and Chemical Modification of Thermosetting Polyphenilenes”, Ph.D. Dissertation, specialty “Polymer Chemistry” from Institute of Organoelement Compounds, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Advisors- Academician Korshak V.V.& Dr. Tepliakov M.M., 1979, 1-152 (Russian).

Korshak V.V., Tepliakov M.M, Dmitrenko A.V. (Bailey) & Kakauridze D.M., “Polyphenilene based on the Ketalies of Acetyl Aromatic Compounds with reactive Phurphuriliden and Nitrile groups”, Vysocomol. Soed., 1980, A22, 256-261 (Rusiian, English).

Teplyakov M.M., Khotina I.A., Dmitrenko A.V. (Bailey), Korshak V.V, Ismailov B.A. & Myakushev V.A., “Crosslinking reactions of polyphenylene type polymers containing acetyl end-groups with o-carboranylmethoxy-containing organosilazanes”, Makromol.Chem., 1990, 191, 808 (English)

Teplyakov M.M., Khotina I.A., Dmitrenko A.V (Bailey), Kovalev A.I., Kalinin V.N.& Korshak V.V., “Crosslinking reactions of polyphenylene type polymers containing acetyl end-groups with bis(hydridosilil) derivatives of o-carborane alcohols”, Makromol.Chem., 1990,191, 801 (English)

Serushkin M.I., Dmitrenko A.V. (Bailey), & Mesh A.M. “Mechanic and adhesive properties of systems based on the film fluoroplastics modified by the grafted co- and polymers of acrylic acid and butyl acrylate”. Vysokomol. Soed., in the process of Publishing, 2006.

Dmitrenko A.V. (Bailey), Mesh A.M. & Zamislov R.A., “Alternating Valence Metals salts in Processes of Initiation of Graft Polymerization from Solid Peroxidized Polyethylene and Fluoroplastic Matrix”, Vysokomol. Soed., 1990, A32, 542-547 (Russian, English).

Dmitrenko A.V. (Bailey) Mesh A.M. & Agapitov A.P., “Features of graft Co- and Homopolymerization of Acrylic and Methacrylic Acids Initiated from the Volume of Solid Polymer Matrix”, Vysokomol. Soed., 1990, A32, 523-528 (Russian, English).

Dmitrenko A.V. (Bailey), Ivanchev S.S., Volkov A.M., Shadrina N.E. & Kastorskii L.P., “Influence of Polymer-filler Interaction on Thermal Transformations of Copolymer of Styrene and Acrylonitrile”, Vysokomol.Soed, 1988, A30, 2255-2261 (Russian, English).

Dmitrenko A.V. (Bailey), Ivanchev S.S., Demidova V.A. & Moskovskii S.L., “Copolymerization of Styrene and Acrilonitrile Initiated by Redox Degradation of Hydroperoxide Grafted to Dispersed Fillers Surface”, Visokomol.Soed., 1988, A30, 807-813 (Russian, English).

Ivanchev S.S., Dmitrenko A.V. (Bailey), & Krupnik A.M. “Graft Polymerization of Styrene Initiated by Redox Decay of Hydroperoxide Fixed on Aerosil”, Visokomol.Soed., 1988, A30, 1951-1956 (Russian, English).

Dmitrenko A.V. (Bailey), Ulinskaya N.N., Volkov A.M. & Ivanchev S.S, “ On the Structure of the Grafted Polymer Layer and Chromatographic Properties of Polymer-inorganic Systems of the Aerosil-Polysterene Type”, Vysokomol. Soed., 1989, A31, 1591-1596 (Russian, English).

Dmitrenko A.V. (Bailey), Shadrina N.E., Ivanchev S.S., Ulinskaya N.N. & Volkov A.M,“Polymer-inorganic selective Adsorbents for Gas Chromatography produced by Graft Polymerization”, Journal of Chromatography, 1990, 520, 21-31 (English).

Select Patents

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