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Forthcoming AST Colloquia

Tea and cookies will be available 3:45PM - 4:15 PM, and the talk will begin at 4:15 PM.
It may be possible to have dinner with the speaker; if interested, please contact Michael Richmond.
RIT AST Colloquia: Please visit the AST Colloquium Schedule for a full list of RIT & Uof R Colloquia. 
2014-15 Colloquia: TBA
TBA TBA TBA 76-1275


2013-2014 Academic Year: RIT AST Colloquia

Date Speaker Affiliation Title of Talk
5/19/2014 Annika Peter
Ohio State University
WIMP physics with direct detection
4/21/2014 Karin Oberg
Center for Astrophysics
The Chemistry of Planet Formation
4/7/2014 Mariska Kriek University of California Berkeley Reconstructing the Formation Histories of Massive Galaxies
3/24/2014 David Wilner
Center for Astrophysics
A New "Radio Era" for the Study of Planet-Forming Disks
3/10/2014 Matthew Walker Carnegie Mellon University Galactic Dynamics and the Nature of Dark Matter
3/3/2014 Leslie Hebb Hobart and William Smith Colleges Mapping small and large-scale magnetic features on low mass star
2/3/2014 Kristine Spekkens Queen’s University A Model-Based Approach for Measuring Disk Galaxy Structure
12-2-2013 Jonathan Levine Colgate University Dating Extraterrestrials
11-22-2013 Chat Hull University of California Berkeley Polarization science with CARMA
11-18-2013 Eric Gawiser Rutgers University Probing Cosmology with Distant Galaxies in the Era of Big Data
11-4-2013 Ester Aliu
Barnard College &
Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory (CAL)
Astrophysics at the TeV Scale
10-21-2013 Eric Huff Ohio State University How to get more out of your lensing signal
9-30-2013 George Privon
University of Virginia &
The National Radio Astronomy
Observatory in Charlottesville
Dynamical Models of Galaxy Mergers: Connecting Simulations and Data
9-13-2013 Dan Batcheldor Florida Institute of Technology Extreme Contrast Ratio Astronomy