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Astro Lunch Talks

Astro Lunch Talks
Wednesdays, 11:45am-1:00pm, 76-1275 Carlson Learning Center. 
Topics will be emailed prior to the talk. Please contact Ben Sargent for more information. 
Upcoming Talk Details
Date/Time:  Wednesday May 4, 2016 
Speaker:Fani Dosopoulou

TITLE: Dynamical Evolution of eccentric binary systems

ABSTRACT: The orbital evolution of a binary system is driven by many and different dynamical processes that occur between the components of the binary. All of these processes act as perturbations to the classic two-body problem and drive the time-evolution of the system. In the first part of the talk I will discuss the general formalism used to describe the effect of these perturbations on the orbital evolution of the binary, focusing on the case of mass-loss/transfer processes in eccentric binary systems. In the second part of the talk, I will show how the same formalism can be used to describe the dynamical evolution of massive black hole binaries due to dynamical friction.


2015-2016 Academic Year Scheduled Dates

Date Speaker Title
7/29/2015 Kevin Cooke  Star Formation in `Red & Dead' Brightest Cluster Galaxies
8/11/2015 Brennan Ireland Construction of an Approximate, Non-Precessing, Spinning Black Hole Binary Spacetime via Asymptotic Matching
9/2/2015 Sravani Vaddi Feedback from Active Galaxies:  Effect on Star Formation in Brightest Cluster Galaxies vs Isolated Galaxies
9/16/2015 Michael Richmond The ups and downs of looking for variable objects in Hyper-Suprime-Cam data
9/25/2015 Zachary Silberman Numerical Generation of Vector Potentials from Specified Magnetic Fields
10/7/2015 Jeyhan Kartaltepe AGN in Infrared Galaxies and the Evolving BPT Diagram
10/14/2015 Yuanhao Zhang Model-Based Cross-correlation Search for Gravitational-Wave Signal from Scorpius X-1
11/4/2015 Benjamin Sargent & Joel Kastner Perspectives on Kepler 8462852: That's no sun-grazing comet, it's a Dyson Sphere!  Maybe
11/18/2015 Sukanya Chakrabarti A Receding Group of Stars In Norma
12/9/2015 Karen Collins The KELT Transit Survey and the Exoplanet Discovery Process
1/27/2016 Giacomo Fragione Globular Clusters and Super Massive Black Holes: High Velocity Stars Production
2/3/2016 Michael Richmond Predicting the future: Disney's guess at a trip to the Moon
3/2/2016 Michael Richmond Man in Space
3/16/2016 Kevin Cooke Space Race: The First Rockets and the Creation of the Mercury 7

Philip Linden, TJ Tarazevits, August Allen, and Anthony Hennig

RIT SPEX: Student-Led Space Systems Development
5/4/2016 Fani Dosopoulou Dynamical Evolution of eccentric binary systems
5/25/2016 TBA TBA


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