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Astro Lunch Talks

Astro Lunch Talks
Wednesdays, 11:45am-1:00pm, 76-1275 Carlson Learning Center.
Topics will be emailed prior to the talk. Please contact Ben Sargent for more information. 
Upcoming Talk Details
Date/Time: March 18,  12:00pm 76-1275
Speaker: Alan Perry
TITLE:  Wave Dark Matter and Galactic Dynamics

ABSTRACT: Dark matter is one of the most puzzling open problems in astrophysics research today and many ideas and theories exist supporting various dark matter candidates.  One such candidate is modeling dark matter with a scalar field satisfying the Einstein-Klein-Gordon equations.  Such scalar fields are known by many names, such as Boson Stars or Scalar Field Dark Matter, but due to the wave-like nature of the Klein-Gordon equation, we have taken to calling it Wave Dark Matter.  Wave Dark Matter is not a new idea, however, recent mathematical results show that this is at least a geometrically natural dark matter candidate.  In this talk, I will review some of the recent results by Bray, Goetz, and myself that support wave dark matter as a compelling dark matter candidate which, aside from satisfying the usual dark matter observations like flat rotation curves, has the potential to describe many unexplained phenomena in the universe, such as density waves in spiral galaxies, interleaved ripples in elliptical galaxies, velocity dispersion profiles in dwarf spheroidal galaxies, and even the Tully-Fisher relation.  I will conclude the talk with a discussion of what questions are still unresolved about wave dark matter and what research projects are needed to try to find the answers to these questions.

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5/6/2015 TBA TBA
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