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Astro Lunch Talks

Astro Lunch Talks
Wednesdays, 11:45am-1:00pm, 76-1275 Carlson Learning Center. 
Topics will be emailed prior to the talk. Please contact Ben Sargent for more information. 
Upcoming Talk Details
Date/Time:  Wednesday February 3rd, 2016
Speaker: Michael Richmond

TITLE: "Predicting the future: Disney's guess at a trip to the Moon"


How accurate are predictions for space missions even a few years in the future?   For example, will NASA really redirect the orbit of an asteroid in the 2030s?   Let's look back at an earlier attempt to foresee our future in space.   In 1955, the Walt Disney corporation produced "Man and the Moon," a short film describing a manned rocket mission from the Earth to the Moon and back.   We can watch the film and keep score of how many items were guessed correctly.


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12/9/2015 Karen Collins The KELT Transit Survey and the Exoplanet Discovery Process
1/27/2016 Giacomo Fragione Globular Clusters and Super Massive Black Holes: High Velocity Stars Production
2/3/2016 Michael Richmond Predicting the future: Disney's guess at a trip to the Moon
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