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Astro Lunch Talks

Astro Lunch Talks
Wednesdays, 11:45am-1:00pm, 76-1275 Carlson Learning Center. 
Topics will be emailed prior to the talk. Please contact Ben Sargent for more information. 
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2015-2016 Academic Year Scheduled Dates
Date Speaker Title
7/29/2015 Kevin Cooke  Star Formation in `Red & Dead' Brightest Cluster Galaxies
8/11/2015 Brennan Ireland Construction of an Approximate, Non-Precessing, Spinning Black Hole Binary Spacetime via Asymptotic Matching
9/2/2015 TBA TBA
9/16/2015 TBA TBA
9/25/2015 Zachary Silberman TBA
10/7/2015 TBA TBA
10/21/2015 TBA TBA
11/4/2015 TBA TBA
11/18/2015 TBA TBA
12/2/2015 TBA TBA
2/3/2015 TBA TBA
2/17/2015 TBA TBA
3/2/2015 TBA TBA
3/16/2015 TBA TBA
4/6/2015 TBA TBA
4/20/2015 TBA TBA
5/4/2015 TBA TBA
5/25/2015 TBA TBA
Past Talks
2013-2014 Academic Year Astro Lunch Talks