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Jesse Bublitz

My research interests lie in stellar evolution and their destruction mechanisms. Currently, I am studying the chemistry and heating of planetary nebulae, using radio line emission observations to understand the radiatively-driven processes occurring in the extended molecular envelope. I am also interested in how this relates to protoplanetary disks and other cold astrophysical environments.

Email: jtb1435
     Joel Kastner

Victoria Butler 

My research interests span a wide range of topics in cosmology with focuses on significant epochs in the universe's formation. I am currently working in the Center for Detectors with Dr. Zemcov on the Tomographic Ionized-carbon Mapping Experiment (TIME), in collaboration with Caltech. I am responsible for creating the software necessary to collect data from and control TIME, which will allow us to study the epoch of peak star formation and the epoch of reionization. 

CAR 1220/1226
Email: vlb9398
Advisor:     Michael Zemcov

Kevin Cooke

I study the formation history and evolution of the Brightest Cluster Galaxies (BCGs) and Luminous Infrared Galaxies (LIRGs). Specifically, I use the COSMOS survey data to match stellar mass and star formation models to the available UV, optical, and infrared observations. I also have an interest in science outreach and science policy.

Email: kcc7952
     Jeyhan Kartaltepe

Dorothy "Annie" Dickson-Vandervelde

 I have a broad range of observational research including exoplanet discovery and planetary formation.

CAR 1220/1226
Email: dad1197
Advisor:     Joel Kastner
Ashley Frank
CAR 1220/1226
Email: alf7723
Advisor:     Carlos Lousto

Gabriel Guidarelli

 I am interested in computational MHD (Magnetohydrodynamics). Specifically, I look at the various ways plasma is confined inertially, magnetically, and gravitationally. I am currently working on the last, modeling an accretion disk formed by a tidally disrupted companion around a white dwarf. I am doing so with a code developed by the University of Rochester called AstroBear.

CAR 1220/1226
Email: gcg3642
     Jason Nordhaus
Tanmayee Gupte My research interests include working on N-body simulations and Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics. 
CAR 1220/1226
Email: tmg9722
Advisor:     Joshua Faber

Brennan Ireland

My research interests are in analytic approximations to general relativity to address the question of spinning binary black holes and compact objects. These approximations are well suited to the inspiral regime when the black holes are sufficiently separated and the motions are slow. Spin dynamics are very important for the evolution of the binaries, both in potential LIGO sources that formed in dense stellar clusters where spins are not expected to be correlated with each other and orbits may be eccentric, and also in gas rich supermassive binary black holes, where spins can impact the gas dynamics and accretion physics, which will modulate the potential electromagnetic signatures from such sources.

Email: bmi5921
         Manuela Campanelli

Yashashree Jadhav

My main research interests are Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) and galaxy evolution. I am currently working on a study to search for displaced supermassive black holes in nearby elliptical galaxies using Hubble Space Telescope archival images as signpost of gravitational recoil.

Email: ysj1195
     Andrew Robinson

Jacob Lange 

My research is on gravitational wave parameter estimation for binary black holes by comparing numerical solutions of Einstein's equation (i.e. Numerical Relativity simulations) directly to the data. By doing this, we avoid ad hoc approximations used in analytic and semi-analytic models and get the most information possible out of the signal as possible. Our method work for unequal mass and generic spin including higher modes.

Email: jal7686
Advisor:     Richard O'Shaughnessy

Muyun Liu

I'm interested in studying the stellar evolution and multi wavelength methods in astrophysics.

CAR 1220/1226
Email: ml8283
Advisor:     Michael Zemcov

Chi Nguyen

My work focuses on understanding the extragalactic background light (EBL). The infrared EBL probes the history and origin of stellar emission, which allow us to constrain models of star and galaxy formation. I am working on the fabrication and integration of the Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment 2 (CIBER-2), which uses a small telescope launched on a sounding rocket, to characterize the infrared EBL via its fluctuations.

Email: chn2906
      Michael Zemcov

Kristina Punzi

My research focuses on trying to understand the process of star and planet formation to better understand the origins of our own solar system, as well as planetary systems orbiting other stars. Specifically, I am studying the X-ray radiation from low-mass stars and its effect on its surrounding environment, namely the evolution of circumstellar disks and timescales for planet formation.

Email: kmp4302
     Joel Kastner

Caitlin Rose

My general research interests include high-redshift galaxies and galaxy evolution.

CAR 1220/1226
Email: crr9508

Jam Sadiq

I am working on numerical relativity, post-Newtonian theory and black hole perturbation theory in the context of binary compact objects (black holes, neutron stars) dynamics. I am interested in the interface of analytic methods with numerical relativity. I am currently involve in developing a new technique for the comparison of numerical and analytical space-times using geometrical scalars.  I am also interested in the history of my research area , the story of gravity, from Aristotle to Einstein and beyond.

Email: jxs1805
     Yosef Zlochower

David Saroff

I'm doing observational radio astronomy using the Green Bank radio telescope. I'm studying the Andromeda/M31 galaxy for pulsars and other transients.

Email: dps7802
Advisor:     Christopher O'Dea
     Stefi Baum

Trent Seelig

I am interested in the relation AGN have with their host galaxy. My research involves studying the dynamics and radiative processes of gas surrounding the center of galaxies hosting an active nuclei to search for evidence of AGN feeding and feedback. Specifically, I am using GEMINI IFU data to determine the characteristics and kinematics of gas ionized by these bright sources within the galaxies central kiloparsec.

Email: tcs3475
Advisor:     Andrew Robinson

Katherine Seery

I am working on testing and characterizing Si-MOSFET CMOS devices for terahertz (millimeter/submillimeter wave) radiation detection. These detectors have the potential to be a cheaper and faster alternative to current terahertz detector technologies for a variety of applications including looking at protoplanetary disks, star formation rates, et cetera. 

CAR A270
Email: kes4610
     Zoran Ninkov

Ektaben Shah

I am interested in how the interaction of galaxies affects galaxy properties over the evolution of the Universe. Specifically, I am conducting a statistical analysis of multiwavelength  CANDELS Survey data to estimate the effects of these interactions on Star Formation and AGN Activity of galaxies.I have been also working on spectroscopic observations of galaxies obtained using the DEIMOS instrument on the Keck telescope in Hawaii to estimate the redshifts of potentially interacting high redshift galaxies.

CAR 1240
Email: eas7266
     Jeyhan Kartaltepe

Zachary Silberman

I am interested in computational astrophysics and astrophysical dynamics problems, particularly in general relativity. I am currently working on a numerical code that deals with different formalisms for evolving magnetic fields in relativistic systems, for use in constrained transport evolutions. This code also helps to facilitate the interface between fixed background metric and evolving background metric numerical relativity codes.

SLA 1025
Email: zjs2405Advisor:     Joshua Faber

Meaghann Stoelting

My research interests include studying stellar populations and small-scale properties of galaxies in order to better understand galaxy evolution.

CAR 1220/1226
Email: mls6495
Advisor:     Jeyhan Kartaltepe

Teresa Symons

CAR 1220/1226
Email: tas4514

Brittany Vanderhoof

My research interests are in a multi-wavelength observational approach to understanding galaxy formation and evolution over cosmic time. Currently I am using this approach to investigate the kinematics of luminous starburst galaxies at high redshift, in an effort to determine the role of mergers in galaxy evolution. I continue to consider my previous work of the dynamic and chemical nature of circum-galactic gas as it may relate to my current analyses. I am also passionate about science outreach, particularly to under represented groups.

CAR 1220/1226
Email: bxv3026
Advisor:     Jeyhan Kartaltepe

Emily Wilson

I am interested in observational research, particularly in stellar astrophysics.

CAR 1220/1226

Jared Wofford

I am interested in gravitational wave astronomy, and data analysis techniques to study gravitational waves. I will be working on the Cross Correlation technique to study gravitational waves produced from low mass X-ray binaries.

SLA 1025
Email: jw4749
Advisor:     John Whelan

Daniel Wysocki

I am using observations of gravitational waves from coalescing binaries to characterize how frequently different binaries form over cosmic time. This will in turn be used to test stellar evolution models, and constrain the overall stellar population. Other research interests include astrostatistics, time series, transient searches, and time domain astronomy in general.

Email: dw2081
     Richard O'Shaugnessy

BS/MS in Physics + Astrophysical Sciences and Technology Students

Matthew Delfavero


Brian Lake

Email: bcl8886

Christina Magagnoli

Email: ctm3357