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April 9, 2013: Astrophysicists to probe dark matter in sunny California
March 18, 2013: RIT Astrophysics Students Explore the Solar System at the Harley School
Feb. 15, 2013: RIT scientists comment on meteor explosion
Jan. 9, 2013: NASA awards RIT $1.1 million to develop infrared detectors for space missions
Dec 10, 2012: Supermassive Black Hole Powers 'Beautiful' Jets in 'Hercules A' Galaxy
Nov 12, 2012: AST Student Wins Time with Two NASA Observatories
Oct 10, 2012: X-ray Imaging Survey of Dying Stars is `Uncharted Territory'
Sept 17, 2012: CCRG and NTID collaborate on astrophysics inspired dance piece
July 26, 2012: RIT Leads Development of Next-generation Infrared Detectors
July 3, 2012: A Young Star Flaunts its X-ray Spots in McNeil's Nebula
Nov 21, 2011: First grads get feet wet as scientists
Nov 10, 2011: Student wins prestigious NASA fellowship; spends fall at Goddard Space Flight Center
Nov 2, 2011: Mysterious Absorption Lines Could Illuminate 90-year Puzzle
Sept 2011: RIT's New "Star" Researcher
Sept 7, 2011: Carving out a science career one post-doctoral fellowship at a time
May 20, 2011: First Two AST PhD's "hooded"
Apr 26, 2011: RIT Astrophysicist Wins Prestigious Fellowship
Nov 29, 2010: First PhD in Astrophysical Sciences & Technology wins award
Nov 17, 2010: Pushing Black-Hole Mergers to the Extreme
    (see also 'David and Goliath' Black Hole Clashes Analyzed)
Nov 15, 2010: Scientists Use Light Signatures to Track Merging Supermassive Black Holes
    (see also Black Holes Merge With a Flash of Light)
Sep 15, 2010: RIT astronomers discover cannibal star
July 26, 2010: AST students win best presentation awards at 2010 Graduate Research Symposium
July 22, 2010: RIT professor develops planet-hunting technology for NASA
May 25, 2010: Hubble Research Reveals "Wandering" Black Hole
May 1, 2010: New Wave Astronomy YouTube video
Jan 27, 2010: A Massive Star is Born: RIT astronomer peers into stellar nursery
Dec 8, 2009: RIT Astronomer Mines Spitzer Space Telescope Data for Massive Starbursts
Dec 3, 2009: RIT Professor Recognized by the American Physical Society
Oct 19, 2009: RIT Scientists Use Supercomputers to 'See' Black Holes
Oct 8, 2009: Youtube Video of RIDL on The History Channel (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)
Aug 27, 2009: RIDL Student Kim Kolb Awarded Prestigious BAE Fellowship
Aug 20, 2009: RIT Contributes to Research Probing Gravitational Echoes after the Big Bang
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