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Welcome to IMPRESS!

IMPRESS (Integrating Metacognitive Practices and Research to Ensure Student Success) is an intensive educational experience for select students that incorporates metacognition into the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

IMPRESS has three can participate in one, two or all!

Summer Experience: IMPRESS students work together to investigate complex, real-world problems such as ecosystems, space travel and computer network design. Particpants get paid to have fun exploring these programs and draw connections with their plans of study.

Special First-Year General Education and Writing courses: All RIT students have to take general education and writing courses; IMPRESS students get to take special courses that encourage them to integrate all of their STEM courses.

Learning Assistant (LA) Leadership Positions: Second year IMPRESS students are eligible for paid Learning Assistant positions in which they work with faculty mentors to help other students learn better in foundational STEM courses. Learn more about our Learning Assistant Program by visiting our website here.

What is Metacognition?
Metacognition is awareness of your own knowledge. It includes recognizing how you learn, self-assessing how well you have learned, and developing a coherent picture of what is learned. Some refer to it as "thinking about thinking."

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National Science Foundation: The RIT LA Program is supported by a grant from NSF.

College of Science: The RIT LA Program is housed in the College of Science.