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About Us__________
ChemClub was organized as an open network for those interested in chemistry to meet and share ideas and experiences. Our goals are to support and publicize the scholastic achievements of the faculty and students and alumni from the RIT Chemistry Department. Our club also aims to form both social and professional connections among students and alumni of the department.

We welcome all incoming and transfer chemistry/biochemistry majors. However, we are not an exclusive club. ChemClub is responsible for publishing the quarterly departmental newsletter called "The Schlieren" and welcomes all who have an interest in gathering information, conducting interviews or even being interviewed to join our crew.


What we're up to____

We need YOU! Many of our current e-board members have graduated . If you're interested in getting involved in the spring 2014, please stop by my office and let me know (Dr. Tina Goudreau,

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We are currently buidling a mycourses shell for ALL incoming majors in chemistry and biochemistry called "Our Chemmunity". We need your input and help with this. What would you like to see on this site? Highlights of this site include:

  • Book Connections (under Discussions tab) where students in our department can buy and sell their used books
  • Resume Writing (Content) for tips on setting up your resume and a COS template
  • Graduate School Info Want to know where and when to take the GRE? Did you know what to look for in a graduate program? How do you go about obtaining letters of recommendation?
  • Research Opportunities Anyone in the separtment looking for research students?
  • Chemistry Department Job Openings How might I earn some money through the chemistry department?
  • Co-ops and fellowships What opportunities are out there? What should I do over the summer?

And much, much more!

Contact Us__________

Dr. Tina Collison

Dr. Jeremy Cody