Current Scholars
Presenting the Current Members of the Research Scholars Program in Chemistry!

Student / Mentor / Research Project Title

Tessa DiDonato Dr. Suzanne O'Handley

"Diadenosine Polyphosphatases of the Nudix Hydrolase Superfamily"

Katherine Valentine Dr. Scott Williams "Antimalarial Drug Interactions with Hematin"
Kimbria Blake Dr. Suzanne O'Handley "PHO13 from S. cerevisiae, a Member of the p-Nitrophenyl Phosphatase Family of the HAD Superfamily is a Phosphoglycolate Phosphotase"
Rebeccca Andrew Dr. Matt Miri

"Ethylene/4-Penten-1-ol Copolymers produced with a
5-Halo-3-Methoxy Salicylaldiminato Nickel Catalyst"

Laura Parisi Dr. Matt Miri "Low Molecular Weight Ethylene/4-Pentene-1-ol Copolymers Made with a Palladium Sulfonate Catalyst"

Matt Goodrich

Dr. Jeremy Cody

"Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Eletefine"

Sofiya Hlynchuk Dr. Jeremy Cody "The preparation of orthogonally d-isubstituted phenothiazinium dyes"
Victor Murcia Dr. Chris Collison "Novel Squaraines for Use in Photovoltaic Devices"
Russel Burkhardt Dr. Jeremy Cody "Studies Towards the Total Synthesis of Eletefine"
Stephanie Beach Dr. Hans
"Can Gd be used as a protecting group for DOTA and then as an MRI agent?"

Taylor Barrett

Dr. Hans
"Peptide Scaffolds for Targeted Multi-modal Imaging Agents"
Chelsea Weidman Dr. Hans
"Peptide Scaffolds for Targeted MRI Imaging Agents"
Kyle Oliver Dr. Jeremy Cody "The synthesis of novel squaraine dyes for use in photovoltaic devices"
John Bettinger

Dr. Lea Michel and Dr. George Thurston

"Creating a mathematical model for the liquid-liquid phase separation of cataract associated proteins."

Austin Kelly Dr. Tina Goudreau

“The Total Synthesis of Aplydactone: A Model Study”