Program Requirements:

Who may enter the Chemistry Research Scholars Program?
Undergraduates who are doing research in the chemical sciences shall be designated in the Chemistry Research Scholars Program. This shall include:
1) undergraduates who are doing research with a professor within theSchool of Chemistry and Materials Science (SCMS) regardless of the student's major, or
2) undergraduates majoring in chemistry or biochemistry, regardless of the school in which the research mentor resides, as long as the research is related to the chemical sciences.

A student must fulfill the requirements below to qualify for admission into the Research Scholars Program:

  • Be an undergraduate
  • Have done research for at least one semester with the professor who will serve as the student's research mentor within the program

In order to graduate as a research scholar, you must meet all of the criteria listed under progress once you have been admitted to the program.


A 1-2 page research proposal written by the student in collaboration with the research mentor and submitted electronically by the research mentor (Form I). The proposal should include the purpose/significance of the research, and a general description of what will be carried out over the course of the project, with the understanding that the direction of research can change as discoveries are made.

  • The above mentioned proposal will be submitted to the Chemistry Research Scholars Committee electronically.
  • There will be a rolling admission and a student may apply at any time.

A letter of acceptance into the program will be sent to the student.


The student will satisfy the following requirements in order to graduate as a Chemistry Research Scholar:

  • Graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Do research with the same research mentor for at least three semsters (1 summer = 2 semester and Tiger Term = 1 semester).
  • If the research is conducted within the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, the student will sign up for the "Advanced Chemistry Research" or "Advanced Biochemistry Research" for at least one semester.
  • Obtain no grade lower than a B in research while in the program.
  • Maintain a research laboratory notebook in accordance with standards set by the research mentor.
  • Make at least one off-campus presentation
  • The research student must also meet any other requirements and laboratory rules set by his or her research mentor.
  • Final Submission of documentation to complete the Chemistry Research Scholar Program:

The following should be submitted to the Chemistry Research Scholars Committee at the beginning of the last semester prior to graduation:

  • The student will complete Form II, attesting that requirements in section IV were met. This form must be submitted electronically by the research mentor.

The faculty research mentor will complete Form III, which includes a letter of support, attesting that the student is deserving of the designation Chemistry Research Scholar.

The Chemistry Research Scholars Committee will administer the program to include, acknowledging completed applications (Form I), assessing whether submitted documentation meets the specified criteria for the Research Scholars Program (Forms II and III), and informing candidates of final decisions.


Research Scholar Designation upon graduation

All students who have successfully completed the Research Scholars Program will be recognized during graduation as "Research Scholars". They will also be recognized at a college-wide Research Scholars awards ceremony in the spring semester.