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People of PoCS / MCSL

Faculty and Staff

  Roy S. Berns Professor and Hunter Chair More info
  Shengyan Cai Visiting Scholar
  Mark D. Fairchild Professor, Director, Associate Dean More info
  Susan P. Farnand Visiting Assistant Professor More info
  Elena Fedorovskaya Program Allied Faculty More info
  James A. Ferwerda Program Allied Faculty More info
  Joe Geigel Program Allied Faculty More info
  Valerie L. Hemink Senior Staff Assistant More info
  Andrew M. Herbert Program Allied Faculty More info
  David L. Long Program Allied Facutly More info
  Michael Murdoch Assistant Professor More info
  David R. Wyble Research Staff (part time) More info



  Ben Bodner Ph.D. student email
  Katherine Carpenter Ph.D. student email
  Akshay Chandorkar M.S. student email
  Brittany Cox Ph.D. student email
  Nargess Hassani Ph.D. student email
  Morteza Maali Amiri Ph.D. student email
  Gaurav Sheth Ph.D. student email
  Christopher Thorstenson Ph.D. student email
  Yixuan Wang Ph.D. student email
  Joel Witwer M.S. student email


Board of Counselors

  Ellen Carter Color Research and Application
  Scot Fernandez Hallmark
  Francisco Imai Canon USA
  Tom Lianza Sequel Color Science
  M. Ronnier Luo U. Leeds, Zhejiang U., Nat. Taiwan U. of Sci. & Tech.
  Ricardo Motta Apple


  • Recent Color Science Grads

  • David L. Long
    Expanding Dimensionality in Cinema Color: Impacting Observer Variability through Multiprimary Display
  • Maxim W. Derhak
    Spectrally Based Material Color Equivalency: Modeling and Manipulation
  • Yuta Asano
    Individual Colorimetric Observers for Personalized Color Imaging


  • Recent Employers of Color Science Grads

  • Apple
  • UR Institute of Optics
  • Motorola Mobility
  • RIT
  • Onyx Graphics
  • Microsoft Research
  • Qualcomm
  • Ricoh Americas
  • OmniVision
  • Advanced Vision Technology