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People of PoCS / MCSL

Faculty and Staff

  Roy S. Berns Professor and Hunter Chair More info
  Mark D. Fairchild Professor, Director, Associate Dean More info
  Susan P. Farnand Visiting Assistant Professor More info
  Elena Fedorovskaya Program Allied Faculty More info
  James A. Ferwerda Program Allied Faculty More info
  Joe Geigel Program Allied Faculty More info
  Rodney L. Heckaman Post Doctoral Researcher More info
  Valerie L. Hemink Senior Staff Assistant More info
  Andrew M. Herbert Program Allied Faculty More info
  Lawrence A. Taplin Research Staff (part time)  
  David R. Wyble Research Staff (part time) More info



  Farhad Abed Ph.D. student email
  Yuta Asano Ph.D. student email
  Maxim Derhak Ph.D. student email
  Stephen Dolph M.S. student email
  Brittany Hensley Ph.D. student email
  Adria Forés Herranz Ph.D. student email
  Jennifer Kruschwitz Ph.D. student email
  David Long Ph.D. student email
  Alex Pagliaro M.S. student email
  Nanette Salvaggio M.S. student email
  Rachel Schwen M.S. student email
  Alicia Stillwell M.S. student email
  Joel Witwer Ph.D. student email


Board of Counselors

Being Formed -- Names Coming Soon


  • Recent Color Science Grads

  • Susan P. Farnand
    Designing pictorial stimuli for perceptual image difference experiments
  • Jun Jiang
    Evaluation and Improvement of the Workflow of Digital Imaging of Fine Art Reproduction in Museums
  • Benjamin Darling
    A Framework for Realistic Modeling and Display of Object Surface Appearance