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Mission Statement

The mission of the CML@RIT is to provide RIT faculty and students with a multidisciplinary imaging research and training facility centered around confocal microscopy. Important objectives are:

  • Enhance research capabilities

  • Provide an environment that promotes multidisciplinary collaborations

  • Involve undergraduate and graduate students to support their training and preparation.


The RIT confocal microscopy lab is supported through the National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Program (#1126629), the RIT Office of the Vice President for Research, the Kate Gleason College of Engineering, and the RIT College of Science



All images on this site were produced in the CML@RIT.

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Classes Using CML :

- Developmental Biology

Sea Urchin Development



- Tissue Culture

CHO Cells

Nuclear (blue)

Mitochondria (red)


- Advanced Immunology




Asterisks  show undergraduate coauthors

Michel LV, *Snyder J, *Schmidt R, *Milillo J, *Grimaldi K, *Kalmeta B, Khan N, Sharma S, Wright LK, Pichichero ME (2013) Dual orientation of the outer membrane lipoprotein P6 of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzaeJ Bacteriology, 195:  3252-3259.


Vaidya K, Osgood R, Ren D, Pichichero M, Helguera M (2014) Ultrasound Imaging and Characterization of Biofilms based on Wavelet Denoised RF Data. Accepted by Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology Vol. 40, No. 3, pp. 583–595, 2014