Cooperative Education/ Partnering with Industry

Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services

Experience That Pays

Cooperative education (co-op) is the hallmark of your RIT education and provides an opportunity to put classroom lectures, textbook theories, undergraduate research and your personal initiative to the ultimate test-performance in the work place. Today's top employers are looking for graduates who have professional work experience in addition to a quality academic background. At RIT, you'll get both. RIT has the fourth oldest and one of the largest cooperative education programs in the world. Hundreds of companies-from Fortune 500 firms to smaller, privately owned companies-come to campus each semester to recruit students for co-op positions. By the time you graduate from RIT, your resume will reflect not only your academic record but a significant amount of real work experience in your science discipline.

Although co-op is encouraged in all the College of Science programs, it is only required in the Bioinformatics program. The program requires the completion of one cooperative education experience, where students participate in applied bioinformatics, using current technologies to gain a practical perspective. Co-op positions can be completed during the summer and/or the academic year. No tuition is charged for co-op participation. If a student elects to pursue co-op during the academic year, they may need to extend the date of graduation beyond the traditional four years.