Corey Ptak


Contact Information

OfficeCOL 1083
Phone(585) 475-7061

Office Hours

Monday 2-3pm ; Tuesday 9:30-10:30 ; Wednesday 2-3pm

B.S - Environmental Science / Chemistry - SUNY Fredonia
Ph.D - Cornell University - Environmental Toxicology

Job Responsibilities

Courses Taught:
Soil Science
Ecology Laboratory
Intro Bio II Lecture
Environmental Chemistry

Research Interests

My primary teaching interests revolve around developing inquiry based, experiential learning techniques for science education using innovative multimedia tools. In my classes I try to create an active learning environment for students rather than a passive lecture. 
My research interests focus on environmental remediation of soils in urban areas and science based techniques for sustainable urban development. I focus largely on reducing human health impacts from soils contaminated with heavy metals by creating site specific remediation strategies using low cost methods such as bio- and phyo- remediation.  I have worked with community gardens, NGOs and city governments to develop cheaper more cost effective means of cleaning up urban soils for the protection of human health and the environment