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Evaluation of Riparian Zone Restoration using Bird Banding Techniques

Above: Banding a Turquoise-browed Motmot at Nueva Flor.

Restoration of riparian forests is a top priority in the coastal watersheds of Chiapas, Mexico. These restoration efforts are a key component of the long-term plan to protect and conserve the many unique plants and animals found there.

Birds use all components of the riparian system and therefore, are good indicators of the overall health of the riparian forest. Standard methods for bird banding are being used to develop measurements of avian diversity, species richness, and an index of riparian use by the birds. These measurements provide a tool to evaluate the success of the restoration efforts. This project is a collaborative effort between RIT, Braddock Bay Bird Observatory, the Nature Conservancy, and the Mexican federal government.

Professor: John M. Waud

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