Research Opportunities

Eyes in the Forest Project

Above: Professor Younker peels bark from a western red cedar as Coquille Tribal Council members look on. Cedar bark is traditionally used for clothing and ceremonial purposes.

The “Eyes in the Forest” project is an extension of our NatureSpy program to deploy arrays of wireless web-server cameras across landscapes and to monitor terrestrial vertebrate activities in real-time. The project also applies Native American Science and Technology, empowering tribes to make informed land management decisions based upon contemporary and traditional cultural values. RIT is partnering with the Coquille Tribe in the Pacific Northwest to deploy “Eyes in the Forest” in their tribally-owned forests. The Coquille Forest is the only tribally-owned forest under the U.S. Northwest Forest Plan under which the Coquille must balance required timber harvest practices with cultural values and contemporary needs. We are currently developing and testing the NatureSpy technology in the field on the RIT campus and the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York.

Professors: Paul Shipman & Jason Younker

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