Event Request Form

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It takes just 3 steps to complete

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1. General Information

Fill in the following:


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DO NOT FILL IN Scheduler (this was done when you selected COS under College/Organization)

2.     Request Dates

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3.     Submit

Please make your requests at least 24 hours before your event time to give us adequate time for processing.


COURSES: Any course or final exam related scheduling questions or changes in room assignments, please direct to: Ann Gottorff at ragsse@rit.edu. Do Not use Form.

COMPUTER LAB REQUESTS: Computer lab requests for 08-1335 (PC), 08-1365 (MAC), or 08-2345 (STATS), please direct to nlfdss@rit.edu, PC Systems Administration ITS Support or Ann Gottorff at ragsse@rit.edu.