Steps to Installing EZ-Viz on a Mac

  1. Obtain OS X11
  2. Obtain PyMOLX11Hybrid
  3. Install EZ-Viz

  1. You must have X11 operating with your Mac OS. X11 is an X Window System that comes with Mac OS X Tiger. To install X11 or to upgrade your operating system, you must be an administrator or have administrator level access. The upgrade can be found at Apple.com or from any of the retail locations available through a link on the above page. If you are already operating on Mac OS X Tiger and do not have X11 installed, it can be installed from the Mac OS X disc and is one of the options.

  2. To obtain the PyMOLX11Hybrid, carefully follow the instructions at pymol.sourceforge.net (rewritten below).

    IMPORTANT: The directions at pymol.sourceforge.net can be confusing. You want to install option 2: PyMOLX11Hybrid under Macintosh OS X. HOWEVER, option 2 requires you to dowload the file from option 1. I suggest only following the directions from this site. Make sure you get the correct file.

    Installing PyMOLX11Hybrid
    1. Download the file macpymol-0_99rc6.tar.gz
    2. Unarchive the file, giving you MacPyMOL.app
    3. Move MacPyMOL.app to the /Applications/ directory
    4. Rename the file MacPyMOL.app to PyMOLX11Hybrid.app


  4. Download the Mac version of EZ-Viz above. Unarchive the file to get an EZ-Viz folder. Copy the entire contents of the EZ-Viz folder to /Applications/PyMOLX11Hybrid.app/pymol/modules/pmg_tk/startup

    IMPORTANT:This step cannot be completed with a single button mouse. If you have a single button mouse, you must Control + click and select Show Package Contents and continue through the appropriate files that way.

    To open EZ-Viz, open PyMOLX11Hybrid by double clicking on the icon in the applications folder. Once in PyMOL, open the drop down menu Plugin and select Ez-Viz.

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