Gabriel Diaz

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

OfficeCAR 2100
Phone(585) 475-6215

Mailing Address

Research Interests

The visual guidance of action.  How is it that visual information is used to guide movements of the body when performing everyday actions, like catching a ball, or driving a car? I investigate using a variety of tecniques and equipment, including computational modelling, eye-tracking, virtual reality, and motion capture.

Selected Publications

Diaz, G., Cooper, J., Rothkopf, C., & Hayhoe, M. (2013). Saccades to future ball location reveal memory-based prediction in a virtual-reality interception task. Journal of Vision, 13, 1–14. doi:10.1167/13.1.20.Introduction
Diaz, Gabriel J, Fajen, B. R., & Phillips, F. (2012). Anticipation from biological motion: The goalkeeper problem. Journal of experimental psychology. Human perception and performance. doi:10.1037/a0026962
Diaz, Gabriel Jacob, Phillips, F., & Fajen, B. R. (2009). Intercepting moving targets: a little foresight helps a lot. Experimental brain research. Experimentelle Hirnforschung. Expérimentation cérébrale, 195(3), 345–60. doi:10.1007/s00221-009-1794-5