Dr. Hossein Shamohamad


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Contact Information

OfficeGOS 2304
Phone(585) 475-7564

Office Hours

MWF 1 pm - 1:50 pm and 4 pm - 4;50 pm

Mailing Address

08-2304 School of Mathematical Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology
85 Lomb Memorial Dr   Rochester, NY 14623

Job Responsibilities

Professor of Mathematics
Colelge of Science Senator

Research Interests

Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Discrete Mathematics

Selected Publications

1. Akbari,S., Aliakbarpour, M., Ghanbari, N., Nategh, E., Shahmohamad, H., ``Join of Two Graphs Admits a Nowhere-Zero 3-Flow'',Sumbitted to the CZECHOSLOVAK MATHEMATICAL JOURNAL , 2013
2. Shahmohamad, H., ``The History of the Total Chromatic Number Conjecture'', To appear in JCMCC, 2013
3. Costanzo, A., Shahmohamad, H., ``Determinants of Some L-shaped Matrices'', Bulletin of ICA, Volume 67 (2013), 27-32
4. Akbari,S., Aliakbarpour, M., Ghanbari, N.,Nategh, E., Shahmohamad, H., ``Minimum Flow Number of Complete Multipartite Graphs'',Bulletin of ICA, Volume  66 (2012), 57-64
5. Brooks, B. & Shahmohamad, H., ``A Dynamic Graph Theoretical Model of the Evolution of Strategic Alliances'', Far East Journal of Applied Mathematics (2012) 63(1): 15-23
6. Amaca, E. & Shahmohamad, H., ``On Rational Functions With Golden ratio as Fixed Point'', JCMCC, Volume 78(2011), pp. 187-193 
 7. Zindle, B. & Shahmohamad, H., "Using The Inclusion-Exclusion Principle To Solve Some Problems",
JCMCC, Volume 74 (2010), pp.43-52
8. Barghi, A., Shahmohamad, H. , "Revisiting Chromatic Polynomials of Some Sequences of Graphs", Ars. Combinatoria, 97A(2010), pp.413-420 
9. Shahmohamad, H. , "Flow Invariance of Cycles and Wheels Under Permutations", To appear in Utilitas Mathematica, 2009
 10. Barghi, A., Shahmohamad, H., " Chromatic Polynomial of C4 £ Pn and C5 £ Pn ", JCMCC, Volume 70 (2009), pp. 107-110
11. Barghi, A., Shahmohamad, H., " On Partial Chromatic Ordinomials", JCMCC, Volume 62 (2007), pp. 129-138
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14. Shahmohamad, H., "Flow equivalent K3;3 and K5  amallamorphs", Bulletin of Institute of Combinatorics and Applications, Volume 40 (2004),59-66
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19. Shahmohamad, H., "Some Flow Equivalent Planar and Non-Planar Graphs", Discrete Mathematics, 240 (2001), 277-280
20. Shahmohamad, H., "On Chromatic and Flow Equivalence of Some Graphs", Bulletin of Institute of Combinatorics and Applications, Volume 33 (2001), 86-94