Howard McLean


Contact Information

OfficeGOS 2266
Phone(585) 475-2303

Office Hours

Monday thru Thursday, 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Spring 2014) Or email for an appointment when quality time is desired. Other times are possible when in the office.

Mailing Address

School of Chemistry and Material Science
Rochester Institute of Technology
85 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623-5603

Have taught chemical, geological or engineering science at U. of Wyoming, Rose-Hulman I.T., Bradley U., U. of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Auburn U. Also taught in the military and retired:  But sending kids to college is expensive and worth every single penny...

Job Responsibilities

Love to teach general chemistry for future scientists and engineers as well as for the pre-professionals (such as pharmacists, physician assistants, dentists, physicians, etc.).
Teaching involves a journey, challenging and mutual partnership:  You might be a future colleague that I may consult thus you need to be more than trained and conditioned, you need to think linearly and nonlinearly and think in-the-box as outside-the-box.  
Do advise, coach and mentor students in undergraduate research related to their own interests or my interests:  Have created and developed partnerships with alumni!

Research Interests

Investigations of endocrine disrupter chemicals in various media.
Meteoritics (study of meteorites, especially R chondrites).
Modeling of reservoirs and plumes.
Phytoremediation and bioremediation strategies.