Jeremy Cody

Associate Professor

Contact Information

OfficeGOS 3272
Phone(585) 475-2545

BS,1997 Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Ph.D., 2004 University of Rochester

Research Interests

Organic Chemistry

  • Natural Product Synthesis

Selected Publications

S. Spencer, J. Cody, S. Misture, B Cona, P. Heaphy, G. Rumbles, J. Andersen, C Collison "Critical Electron Transfer Rates for Exciton Dissociation Governed by Extent of Crystallinity in Small Molecule Organic Photovoltaics", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, (2014) 118, 14840–14847.

John G. D’Angelo, Jeremy A. Cody, Christian Larrabee, Danica J. Ostrander, Kyle W. Rugg, Donna Mamangun, “Ritter Reactions of Alcohols Mediated by the Conducting Polymer, Poly-(3,4 ethylenedioxy thiophene)”, Syn. Comm, (2013), 43, 3224-3232.


Susan Spencer, Cortney Bougher, Patrick Heaphy, Victor Murcia, Cameron Gallivan, Amber Monfette, John Andersen, Jeremy Cody, Brad Conrad, Chris Collison, “The effect of controllable thin film crystal growth on the aggregation of a novel high panchromaticity squaraine viable for organic solar cells”, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, (2013), 112, 202-208.


Jeremy A. Cody, Christian Larrabee, Michael Clark, Sophia Hlynchuk,  Jacob Tatum,  “A convenient one-pot synthesis of ethylene blue”, Tetrahedron Letters, (2012), 53, 4896-4899.

Christina G. Collison, Jeremy A. Cody, Courtney Stanford, “An SN1-SN2 Lesson in an Organic Chemistry Lab Using a Studio-Based Approach”, Journal of Chemical Education (2012), 89, 750-754.


Jeremy A. Cody, Paul A. Craig, Adam D. Loudermilk, Paul M. Yacci, Sarah L. Frisco, Jennifer R. Milillo*, “Design and Implementation of a Self-Directed Stereochemistry Lesson Using Embedded Virtual Three-Dimensional Images in a Portable Document Format”, Journal of Chemical Education (2012), 89, 29-33.


Jeremy A. Cody, Ijaz Ahmed, Douglas J. Tusch, “Studies toward the total synthesis of eletefine: an efficient construction of the AB ring system”, Tetrahedron Letters (2010), 51, 5585–5587.


Robert. K. Boeckman, Jr., Susan M. Hanson, Jeremy A. Cody, “Alkylation of 2-Butyl-4,4-dimethyl-4H-benzo[d][1,3]oxathine 1,1-dioxide, A New Class of Acyl Anion Equivalent as an Alternative to Dithiane”, Heterocycles (2006), 70, 519-530.