John Waud

Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

BS Chemistry, Lehigh University 1971
MS Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania 1974
PhD Molecular Biology, Lehigh University 1978

Job Responsibilities

In addition to the research activities described below,  I teach Tropical Ecology, Ornithology, and a variety of other courses in the Environmental Science programs.

Research Interests

Current research interests focus on avian conservation in North and Central America.  Birds are excellent indicators of habitat quality and environmental quality.  In addition, the physiological adaptations used by birds during migration have many applications to human biology.  Migrating birds also require high quality stopover habitat.  Determining the characteristics of these stopover sites may be very beneficial in terms of conservation.  Further, many birds are able to see ultraviolet light.  This may be the key to determining the sex of birds which appear monomorphic in visible light.