Laura Tubbs

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Professor

Contact Information

OfficeGOS 1104
Phone(585) 475-2445


B.A., 1976, Hood College

M.S., 1978, University of Rochester

Ph.D., 1982, University of Rochester

Research Interests

  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Measurement of naturally occurring radioisotopes using tandem accelerator based mass spectroscopy
  • Archeological and environmental dating and tracing
  • Neutron Activation Analysis - archeological applications

Selected Publications

W. W. Wilcke, J. R. Birkelund, H. J. Wollersheim, A. D. Hoover, J. R. Huizenga, W. U. Schroder and L. E. Tubbs, "Reaction Parameters for Heavy Ion Collisions", Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables, 25, 391 (1980).

A. D. Hoover, L. E. Tubbs, W. W. Wilcke, W. U. Schroder, J. R. Birkelund, J. R. Huizenga, D. Hilscher, H. J. Wollersheim, "Fusion-Fission Fragments from the 165Ho + 56Fe Reaction", Bull, Am. Phys. Soc., 25, 483 (1980).

W. W. Wilcke, J. R. Birkelund, J. P. Kosky, H. J. Wollersheim, A. D. Hoover, J. R. Huizenga, W. U. Schroder, L. E. Tubbs, "A Two-dimensional Position Sensitive E-E Counter for Energetic Light Charged Particles", Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 188, 293 (1981).

D. Elmore, L. E. Tubbs, D. Newman, X. Z. Ma, R. Finkel, K. Nishiizumi, J. Beer, H. Oeschger, and M. Andre, "36Cl bomb pulse measured in a shallow-ice core from Dye 3, Greenland", Nature, 300, 735 (1982).

H. W. Bently, F. M. Phillips, S. N. Davis, S. Gifford, D. Elmore, L. E. Tubbs, and H. E. Gove, "Thermonuclear 36Cl pulse in natural water", Nature, 300, 737 (1982).

M. Wahlen, B. Kothari, J. Mitchell, C. Schwenkir, D. Elmore, L. E. Tubbs, Z. Ma and H. E. Gove, "10Be in Varved Sediments from Green Lake, New York", UR-NSRL-267, April (1983).

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L. E. Tubbs, D. Elmore, M. Wahlen and B. A. Chrunyk, "The Development of Tandem Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy at Rochester for Cl-36, Be-10 and I-129 Dating and Results from a Variety of Natural Systems", Proceedings of the Fifth International Confere nce on Nuclear Methods in Environmental and Energy Research, CONF.-840408 (DE84017348) 165-173 (1984).

L. E. Tubbs, J. R. Birkelund, J. R. Huizenga, D. Hilscher, U. Jahnke, H. Rossner, and B. Gebauer, "Linear Momentum Transfer in 292-MeV 20Ne-induced Fission of 165Ho, 181Ta, 197Au, 209Bi, and 238U, Phys. Rev., C32, 214 (1985).

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W. U. Schroder, J. R. Birkelund, J. R. Huizenga, L. E. Tubbs, W. W. Wilcke, W. Bohne, B. Gebauer, D. Hilscher, E. Holub, G. Ingold, U. Jahnke, H. Lettau, H. Morgenstern, H. Orf, H. Rossner, W. P. Zank, H. Gemmeke, K. Keller, L. Lassen, and W. Lucking "Dissipation of Linear Momentum and Energy in Fusion - Like Reactions", HMI-Bericht437 Schwerionenphysick am Beschleuniger VICKSI, September, (1986).

S. Tullai, L. E. Tubbs, U. Fehn, "Sample Preparation of Petroleum for 129I/127I Ratios by AMS", Nuclear Instruments and Methods, B29, 383 (1987).

L. E. Tubbs and T. N. Kinder, "The Use of AMS for the Dating of Lime Mortars", Nuclear Instruments and Methods, B52, 438 (1990)