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Confocal Microscopy Lab @ RIT Mission Statement

The mission of the CML@RIT is to provide RIT faculty and students with a multidisciplinary imaging research and training facility centered around confocal microscopy.  Important objectives are (1) to enhance research capabilities, (2) to provide an environment that promotes multidisciplinary collaborations, (3) to involve undergraduate and graduate students to support their training and preparation.  Activities to support the mission include:

  1.  Providing a multidisciplinary confocal microscopy research and training environment to enhance student/faculty interactions and providing a resource to the general community

  2.  Providing workshops to train new faculty and student users

  3.  Supporting confocal imaging in current courses to expose RIT students to state-of-the-art instrumentation

  4.  Providing a multidisciplinary research-based course to foster new research ideas and collaborations and to facilitate the integration of research and education

CML@RIT Location and Hours of Operation

Location: Gosnell A334

Summer 2013 hours: Tuesday through Thursday 8am to 5pm

Imaging Appointments: 8:30am-11:00am, 11:00am-1:30pm, 2:00pm-4:30pm

Contact Cheryl Hanzlik ( to schedule a session on the Leica TCS SP5

Other imaging appointments may be made by special request to Hyla Sweet (

Expectations for Users

-Complete a user profile so that the confocal microscopy technician and the confocal team have a better understanding of your imaging and data analysis needs.

-If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late for your scheduled imaging session, please email Cheryl to let her know.  If you need to cancel your session, please let Cheryl know as soon as possible so that she can schedule other users.

-Sign in and sign out in the User Log.  Note what lasers you use and any problems that might come up.

-Copy your files off of the confocal computer so that you can work on the images and other data on your office/lab computer.

- CML@RIT may start charging hourly user fees to cover the cost of the service contract and technician salary.

-Properly acknowledgement to the grant and lab in presentations and disseminations.

Please use the following, or equivalent, in manuscripts:

The images were collected on a Leica TCS SP5 II AOBS Filter-free Tunable Spectral Confocal Research Microscope with Resonant Scanner and Hybrid Detectors (Leica Microsystems Inc., 1700 Leider Lane, Buffalo Grove, IL) attached to a Leica DMI6000 Fully Automated Microscope using Leica LAS system software.€

Contact information

Confocal Microscopy Technician

Cheryl Hanzlik, Ph.D.

Responsibilities:  Assist and train students and faculty in microscope operation and image analysis, maintain the laser scanning confocal microscope and room, provide technical support in consultation with the Leica Microsystems, Inc., manage microscope usage, manage data, maintain the confocal core facility website.

Confocal Microscope Team

Hyla Sweet, Ph.D.  (Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences)

Andre Hudson, Ph.D.  (Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences)

Scott Franklin, Ph.D.  (School of Physics and Astronomy)

George Thurston, Ph.D.  (School of Physics and Astronomy)


The RIT confocal microscopy lab is supported through the National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Program (#1126629), the RIT Office of the Vice President for Research, the Kate Gleason College of Engineering, and the RIT College of Science.


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