Edmonton, 2008

A three-day workshop on video analysis for university and college faculty was held during the week before the 2008 Summer Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers at Edmonton, Canada. It began at 2:00 PM on Wednesday July 16 and ran through 9:00 PM on Friday July 18, 2008. Lodging and meals for participants from US colleges or universities were provided from supper on Wednesday through breakfast on Saturday.

Workshop Leaders: Bob Teese (RIT), Priscilla Laws (Dickinson College), Pat Cooney (Millersville University) and Maxine Willis (Dickinson College)

Schedule for the Three-Day Workshop

Day 1

2:00 PM: Welcome and Introductions • Break • Overview of Video Analysis, VideoPoint and Logger Pro • LivePhoto Activities (Galileo's Projectile I) • Dinner • LivePhoto Curriculum Hands-on Session

Day 2

Breakfast • Assessment of Learning - Action Research Kits • Projectile Motion Diagnostic Test • Break • Galileo's Projectile II • LivePhoto ILD • Lunch • LivePhoto ILD Hands-On • LivePhoto Research Project • Hands-on Video Capture and Analysis • Break • Advanced Video Analysis Techniques • Implementation Project Planning • Dinner • Implementation Projects

Day 3

Breakfast • Equipment and Software Issues • Implementation Projects • Break • Implementation Projects • Lunch • Implementation Projects • Break • Project Presentations • Dinner • Project Presentations • Follow-up Planning; Listserv & Wiki Usage; Wrap-up; Evaluation • Adjourn at 9 PM