LivePhoto Workshop Implementation Projects
Rochester, NY, June 8-12, 2009

Accuracy of Video Analysis of Projectile Motion
Dominic Sarsah and Mark Matlin

The Formation of a Standing Wave on an Elastic Cord
David Abbott, Luanna S. Gomez, and Joyce Palmer Fortune

Video Analysis is a Real Drag
Xianming L. Han and Vern Lindberg

"Behind the 8-Ball"
Momentum and Energy Studies Using Video Analysis

Stephen Irons, Krista E. Wood and Joshua McCaslin

Video Analysis of a Dampened Oscillator
Johnson K. Agbo and John Fons

Some Biomechanical Aspects of the Human Body
Robert Balogh-Robinson, Sathappan Ramesh and Stephen Wallin

Perspective Considerations in Video Analysis
Todd L. Cloninger, Robert Jaspersohn and Jeffrey Schnick

Collisions Between Golf Balls and Between Club-Head and Golf Balls
Alice Chance and Ben Yu-Kuang Hu