Message from the Dean

Dr. Sophia Maggelakis
Dean of the College of Science
Professor of Applied Mathematics

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The College of Science plays a vital and central role in contributing to the mission of RIT. We are home to a rich portfolio of strong undergraduate and graduate programs, including three of RIT's six Ph.D. programs, and we are known nationally and internationally for our innovative research programs. Across every discipline, our College is the leader for the remarkable growth in RIT’s undergraduate student research programs and for the growth of peer reviewed external grants that are awarded to our faculty each year. Our enrollments are healthy, and many of our faculty members are conducting cutting edge research that is nationally and internationally recognized.


Undergraduates in the College of Science receive a diverse and unique education that emphasizes the applications of science and mathematical sciences while providing a comprehensive liberal arts education in the humanities and social sciences. The College of Science curricula, under the direction of our faculty members, reflect modern trends in the application of science and mathematical sciences while preparing students for graduate study, as well as immediate employment in business, industry, government, and medical science professions. Our graduates are educated in the foundations of science and mathematical sciences, have exposure to current methodology, and have firsthand experience successfully applying this knowledge to solve real-world problems as members of interdisciplinary teams. Our students are encouraged to work with faculty members as they pursue their research. Many joint student-faculty research projects have resulted in publication in professional literature. In addition to its degree programs, the College of Science delivers the required scientific and mathematical underpinnings for most of the programs offered at RIT. The College of Science has an ideal size and philosophy to provide a quality education. We have 173 faculty members in the sciences and mathematical sciences. Our faculty embraces the challenge of preparing our students for successful lifetime careers in the physical, natural, and life sciences. We develop the scientific and mathematical literacy required of all RIT graduates to live in our contemporary technological society.

Our goal and ongoing challenge is to remain competitive and current in sciences and mathematics and to maintain excellence in teaching and scholarship where students, faculty and staff thrive. We constantly seek approaches to strengthen our undergraduate and graduate programs, to build the College's research agenda, and to increase external partnerships and sponsors.