Images of Constellations

This photograph of A portion of Sagittarius was taken by undergraduate Jeremiah Parry-Hill on September 18, 1997, as part of his Stellar Astronomy lab course. He made a 30-second exposure through a 50-mm camera lens onto Kodak P1600 film, push-processed to ASA 1600. There's a horizontal defect in the middle of the frame; just to its right is the Lagoon Nebula. The Trifid Nebula is barely visible, slightly above and to the right of the Lagoon.

Below is an image of Orion, taken by Denys Savka. Here's his description:

I took that picture three weeks ago with my Olympus 4000 digital camera. 10 pictures 16 sec exposure each were taken. Dark frames subtracted. 5 pictures added together formed a pair of images. I averaged them.

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