Pictures of the total lunar eclipse of Oct 27, 2004

Although thin clouds covered the sky at the the beginning of the eclipse, they gradually disappeared; our view of totality was very nice. About 30 visitors watched it with us. The eclipsed moon seemed to me to be a pinkish hue, rather than the copper color often used to describe lunar eclipses.

Below are a few pictures from the eclipse, taken with an Orion ShortTube refractor attached to the 16-inch telescope and a ToUCam camera. Thanks to RIT Physics majors Matt Montanaro and Rob Heslin, who took most of these pictures.

Taken at 09:05 PM, at the start of the eclipse:

Taken at 09:34 PM, as the Earth's shadow moved farther across the Moon from lower-right to upper-left:

Taken at 09:55 PM:

Taken at 10:09 PM, this picture shows the color of the Moon in shadow.

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