L. Paul Rosenberg


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Contact Information

OfficeINA (Institute Hall) 4110
Phone(585) 475-6159


B.S., 1977, Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts

Ph.D., 1985, University of New Hampshire

Graduate Student Theses and Projects

Joy Perry, "In Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation of an Anti-infective Drug Delivery Polymer Coating for Indwelling Catheters." 2004

Dawn Lee, "Comparative Validation of HPLC and CE in Pharmaceutical Raw Materials". 2002

Peter Michelsen, "The Prediction of Retention Time in Chromatography by Using Lewis Acid Base Concepts". 1990 (with W. Jensen)

Lan Evans, "The Use of Lewis Acid Base Concepts to Predict Liquid/Liquid Miscibilities". 1988 (with W. Jensen)

Nancy Ward Wengenack, "Square Wave Voltammetry Using a PAR 264A Potentiostat Interfaced to an IBM-PC Running ASYST. 1987

Liz Allyn, "Indirect Photometric Chromatography of Ions." 1987.

David Minicuci, "High Performance Displacement Chromatography". 1985

Research Interests

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Chemical Education

Selected Publications

“Web based programmed learning to supplement laboratory instruction”, L. Paul Rosenberg, 34th Northeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Binghamton, NY,  Fall 2006.

E.W. Wu, A. Kover, J.T. Loch, L. P. Rosenberg, S.F. Semus, P.R.Verhoest, J.C. Gordon, A.C. Machulskis, S.M. McCreedy, J. Zongrone, J.C. Blosser, "Acylhydrazones as M1/M3 Selective Muscarinic Agonists", Bioorg. and Med. Chem. Letts, 6, 2525-2530 (1996).

“Integration of GC-MS into the Chemistry Laboratory Program at Rochester Institute of Technology”, L. Paul Rosenberg, Kay G. Turner, Martin G Angebranndt, ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, Summer 1987.

“Lotus 123 as a Chemistry Teaching Tool”, L. Paul Rosenberg, Sixteenth Northeast Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society, Binghampton, NY Summer 1986.

“Quantitative EPR Spectroscopy” L. Paul Rosenberg, Invited talk to the Chemistry Division Magnetic Resonance Group, Naval Reasearch Laboratories, Washington DC, Summer 1985.

“Ion Determination Using Indirect Photometric Chromatography”, Terry Breslawski and L. Paul Rosenberg, 29th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, Rochester Section of the American Chemical Society, Spring 1984.

L. P. Rosenberg and N. D. Chasteen, “Initial Iron Binding to Horse Spleen Apoferritin”, in The Biochemistry and Physiology of Iron. Saltman, P. and Hegenauer, J., eds. New York, Elsevier Biomedical, 1982.

“Initial Iron Binding In Horse Spleen Apoferritin”. L. Paul Rosenberg and N. D. Chasteen, Eleventh Northeast Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society, Rochester, NY, Fall 1981.

“Computer Interfacing with a DEC MINC-11: An EPR Application”. L. Paul Rosenberg and N. D. Chasteen, Ninth Northeast Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society, Syracuse, NY, Fall 1979.

“Metal Site Conformations of Human Serotranserrin”, M.W. Cobb, L.P. Rosenberg and N. D. Chasteen, Fourth International Conference on Proteins of Iron Storage and Transport, Davos Switzerland, Spring 1979.